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Reset your home for 2023: a step-by-step guide

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Olivia Lowry
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Hello, 2023! We’re going into the New Year with a fresher look at our homes. We're here to help you create a longer-term positive impact with a step-by-step guide to resetting your space this January.

Last year saw the rise of the ‘Sunday reset’ routine - viral TikTok and reels dubbed as “the most relaxing thing to watch, ever”, of people going about their weekly household chores. From an outsider’s perspective, the appeal of these presumably mundane videos is probably hard to grasp. Dig deeper and you’ll find a community of people who’ve noticed the value of caring for their spaces - whether that’s decluttering for a busy week ahead or enjoying freshly laundered bed linen on a Sunday evening.

TikTok @jack.designs Sunday reset series

Apply this ethos to the whole month of January, and you’re on the way to a satisfying reset that you can reap the benefits of throughout 2023. Sound good? Let’s go. 💪

Week 1 - Fix up, look sharp 

2nd - 8th Jan

The Christmas tree’s away for the year and the last evidence of that New Years’ get-together has been cleaned up. Normally we look at a big clean as a spring time affair, but getting it done earlier in the year is a much better idea. It might be a bit laborious, but trust us, you’ll feel thankful when spring rolls around and your place is already shipshape. Plus, it’s an excuse to get to the fun parts of our January reset a lot faster, minus any dust.

✅ Deep clean of bathroom and kitchen 
✅ Get minor DIY tasks ticked off
✅ Give the whole home a dust
✅ Tidy up storage areas and cupboards
✅ Replace bulbs in lights

Week 2 - Take stock

9th - 15th Jan

In the second week of January, most of us are back at work (and if you’re still holidaying, consider us very jealous). This week is a good time to assess the functionality of your home. Think about what’s working for you, and what’s not. Maybe it’s a lack of workable storage, a rug you’re not sure is suitable anymore, or you need a proper spare room for guests this year. Make a list for each room of your house, before you decide what’s most pressing. Little and often is the mantra here - functional changes only need to happen gradually.

✅  Make a list of what works and doesn’t, split by room
✅  Ask: am I making full use of the space available? 
✅  Ask: has anything about my lifestyle changed?
✅  Ask: does the way my home is decorated bring me joy?

Week 3 - Feel refreshed

16th - 22nd Jan

By week 3 in January the post-Christmas glow is fading and it can be quite gloomy. Now’s the best time to focus on self-care and how your home makes you feel. This week, assess your soft furnishings and textures. Time for new towels or bedding? If so, recycle the old ones and invest in fresh ones. At the same time, look to have a mini declutter. Donate any decor you don’t love anymore, and clear out items that don’t get used. Yes, even that air fryer you swore you’d make EVERY meal out of. Less clutter = calmer vibes.

✅ Assess if you need refreshed towels, bedding, curtains or cushions
✅ Declutter and donate items you don’t need anymore
✅ Organise your everyday items 
✅ Make areas in the home dedicated to self-care and winter wellness

Week 4 - Make the leap

23rd - 29th Jan

End the first month of 2023 feeling accomplished and in charge of your space by committing to that one decor change you haven’t stopped thinking about. If there’s a big home decor decision that’s been brewing, now’s the time to put it into action. Maybe you’ve been thinking about painting your place a brand new shade, or your Pinterest board is full of accent chair ideas. Whatever it is - the idea is to make a noticeable impact. New year, new decor.

✅ Take inspiration from socials - Pinterest, Instagram
✅ Look back at your home to-do list and pick a project
✅ Consider how much of a positive impact a big change would make
✅ Enjoy your refreshed 2023 space

What does Sunday reset mean?

The Sunday reset trend started in 2022 with videos of creators on TikTok and Instagram showing how they 'reset' their homes for the week ahead. This usually means taking time to clean, do laundry, tidy up and meal prep. Fans described the videos as relaxing, and they inspired others to set aside time to take care of their homes in the same way and feel prepped for the week ahead.

What can I do to reset my home for 2023?

January is a great month to start freshening up your home for 2023. Start by following Swyft's January reset guide, picking up the most relevant steps for you and your home. 

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