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How can I make my bed feel and look like a luxury hotel?

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Geoff Bull
How can I make my bed feel and look like a luxury hotel?

There's nothing quite like jumping onto a luxurious hotel bed (admit it, it's the first thing you do in any hotel room!). Thankfully the same feeling is simple to recreate at home, with a little designer know-how. This week, we're taking a look at how to turn every night at home into a 5 star stay. 

How do you make a bed look like a five-star hotel?

Our experts here at Swyft say: "Start by investing in a good quality upholstered bed as the base of your styling".

A beautiful, soft headboard will look and feel really inviting. After this, adding layers and textures are key.  Most luxury hotels will stick with crisp white bedding and then bring in pops of colour with cushions. Make your bed look fuller by going a size up with the duvet and cover, to drape over the sides for a super comfortable place to snooze. To get that neat hotel look, your pillows should sit above the cover and be placed upright, rather than flat on the bed. Scatter cushions like the pillows should be super plump (you will never see a flat cushion on a luxurious bed). For a king-size bed or larger, go with at least four scatter cushions- two larger (which sit behind) and two smaller ones sit up front. If Mid-Century style is your thing, adding a bolster cushion is a great idea.

Swyft Double Bed

Why do hotel beds feel so good?

Hotels always invest in good quality mattresses as this is the most important part of the sleep experience. In general, most hotels opt for a soft to medium style mattress, similar to a memory hybrid.  When selecting bedding, hotels often go with the highest thread, which makes for softer sheets all-round. If you want to create the same at home, look for cotton thread counts of around 300 or more. A mattress topper is another great way to add even more comfort, support your body and ease the pressure off the contours of your body.

How many pillows should be on a bed?

There is no right or wrong answer, but if you're wanting to recreate a hotel bed when it comes to pillows, the more the merrier. Most likely you won’t sleep on all the pillows provided but you may want to prop yourself up while reading a book or enjoying a bit of breakfast in bed. According to Sleep Advisor, the optional amount of pillows to sleep on is just one. This is the best for neck support and alignment.

For King sized, or bigger beds, go with at least four large full pillows and then two to four scatter cushions.  


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