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Create a minimalist bedroom

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Olivia Lowry
Create a minimalist bedroom

This week, Swyft interior design expert Kelly is here to run us through everything to do with minimalist bedrooms. She shows us how this pared-back trend can have a positive impact on our well-being by promoting better sleep and reducing stress through calming design considerations.

How can I make my bedroom minimalist?

The first and most important thing to get around to is decluttering. Clear away all those items that don’t belong in that space, and tidy and hide away all the items that do. Find clever and stylish storage solutions like ottomans with storage hidden inside, or think about investing in some built-in wardrobes. 

Secondly is your colour pallet. Try not to mix too many different tones and colours. Keep in mind the classic colour ratio for interiors is 60/30/10. 60% of your room should be the dominant colour- in this case for a minimal room I would go for light and neutral tones. 30% is the secondary, which is where you can add in a stronger colour, and the final 10% is the accent colour which can be your bold statement choice. 

The third consideration should be your furniture. Work out how people move around and use the space first, and then map put where you want to place your furniture. Try not to overdo it and keep the most high-traffic places such as around the perimeter of your bed as open as possible. 

The fourth and final tip for creating a minimalist bedroom is lighting which is commonly overlooked. Lighting is such a key part of designing the right space and creating a calming atmosphere. For an unfussy and minimal-focused space try and keep all your lighting low level and soft- stick with table lamps or sconces and a few candles.

Why are minimalist interiors so popular?

After the last few years of being at home more often, we’re all striving to have a space we can relax and feel calm in. Minimal interiors relieve stress and in turn, improve your overall wellbeing. The less visual clutter we have in a space, the easier it is for us to unwind. This is one of the reasons why the minimalist trend is so popular in bedrooms.

What makes up a minimalist bedroom?

As minimalism is all about removing distractions, the notion of keeping it tech-free is a great starting point if you’re not quite ready to tackle a makeover in one go. It’s estimated that across the world, over 70% of adults use electronic devices in their bedroom, or whilst in bed. To combat the disruption our phones have on sleep, think about charging yours somewhere other than your bedside table, and invest in a super simple alarm clock that’ll help with switching off from a busy day.

It goes without saying that colours significantly impact the feel of a room. For a minimalist bedroom, stick with neutral, toned-down hues like sky blues, pale blush, sage green, taupes and off-whites. If you still feel you want a slightly stronger and more impactful look, try this with block colour accessories rather than lots of different colours and patterns to reduce visual noise.

How do you make a minimalist bedroom cosy?

When thinking about minimalist bedrooms you might envision plain white walls and a clinical feel, but this really doesn’t have to be the case. It’s natural to want our bedrooms to still feel cosy and inviting, which is still achievable with this pared-back trend. To make a minimalist bedroom cosier, think about textures. Use flat velvets, woven linens and soft boucle to bring that comforting feel without feeling cluttered. A mix of these will help the space feel more inviting, but not too busy as to take away from the minimal chilled atmosphere that works so well for bedrooms.




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Mrs Maeve mc Conville 11/06/2024

I would like ideas on room layouts . Thanks

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