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5 ways to freshen up your living room this spring

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Olivia Lowry
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When the temperature’s not quite hitting double figures, it’s an ideal opportunity to start switching things up. Trust us - home decor projects are much more enjoyable than slogging through a spring cleaning list. 

Spring may seem far off, but soon it'll be time to retire your repurposed throw from its winter duty as your at-home cape (we’re looking at you, work-from-home people). This week we’re here with some of our best interior-led ideas for freshening up your living space, just in time for the new season.

cream sofa off white sofa cream sofa with wood side table cream sofa with dark table side table with flowers sofa in a box

Spring interior colour palettes

Spring’s a time when colours start coming back to life outdoors in cherry blossoms, green grass and wildlife. For the most impactful change, lean into energising colour palettes when redecorating or styling interiors for spring.

pink sofas blush pink sofas linen sofas loft style apartment decor loft flat decor area rug pastel colour decor pastel colour interior pastel living room pastel pink living room


Take inspiration from the outside and opt for sunny shades of yellow like Mustard and Ochre. Pastel and neutral shades help brighten rooms for an airy feel. Experiment with lighter greens, blush pinks and cream tones. For a spring statement, Peony pink ticks all the boxes for this year’s bold colour trend.

spring tulips tulips in vase pink tulips in vase spring home decor spring flowers


Home scents for spring

Spring is definitely a season of the senses, so you’ll want to make the inside of your home feel the same. As the days get milder, gradually swapping out your home scents is the quickest way to a fresh feel. This is undoubtedly the easiest way to freshen up your space for spring, without having to change too much of your interior aesthetic.

spring candles spring candle scents


Winter candles can be much heavier in their fragrance loads, which creates a warming feel. For spring, opt for lighter, subtler candle scents in floral and natural blends. Some of our favourite scents for spring include: cotton, jasmine, citrus and mint.

Don't get your scents in a muddle - stash away all your wintery candles, diffusers, and room sprays in one fell swoop. Then, place your refreshed set of scented decor near open windows and at different heights to create fresh ‘zones’ around your home.

floral candles candles for spring floral scented candles home fragrances for spring


Seasonal stems

Keeping your plants happy and healthy during the winter months can be hard  (and we won’t judge you if you’ve accidentally sacrificed a few plants along the way). Plants are the best way to create a fresh feel at home, so give your current stems the once-over. Trim any dead leaves, dust them off and give them a good drink if the soil’s gone dry.

houseplants potted plants indoor plants fern houseplant rubber tree plant ficus elastica wavy leaf fern


To bring more of the outside in, consider small arrangements of seasonal flowers. The go-to’s for spring are usually daffodils and tulips, which can be picked up from February onwards. Alternatively, go for a more natural look with foraged wildflowers like cowslip, daisies and honeysuckle (check the landowners' permission beforehand).

spring flowers foraged british flowers spring countryside spring flower arrangement mini flower arrangement


Freshened up fabrics

As upholstery experts, we’re big fans of fabric. Spring is all about bringing an airy feel to your space, so lighter fabrics are a good way to achieve this. When the weather starts to get warmer, switch out plush throws and knitted wool cushions for breathable linen or cotton alternatives.

neutral living room bright living room linen throw linen blanket off white living room living room with shutters white shutters


Pay attention to colours when swapping out soft furnishings. Light neutrals, pastel shades, whites and creams all work well to carry your space into spring and summer. The idea is to replace the cosy feel of winter with breezy, textured alternatives.

linen sofa grey sofa neutral sofa beige sofa beige linen sofa natural colour sofa sofa in a box quick delivery sofa


Simple spring tablescapes

Once the spring season’s here, hosting duties are back in business. We’re big fans of tablescaping - the art of styling and arranging tables ready for hosting. Styling your tables for spring doesn’t have to be a complicated task, though.

tablescaping tablescapes spring table setting linen table setting linen napkin linen tablecloth easter table setting easter decorations spring home decor spring table styling


Keep things simple with seasonal flowers, flowy linen tablecloths and light-coloured tableware. Remember to not neglect your coffee table either - the same ideas can apply. Think about a change of coffee table books, or the addition of a scaled-down floral arrangement. Small details can add up to have a real impact, making your entire space feel freshened up.

coffee table styling spring coffee table marble coffee table marble table white marble coffee table granite coffee table round coffee table coffee table books coffee table flowers coffee table decor


Remember: You don't have to jump on every trend bandwagon that passes by this spring. Pick and choose the ones you truly love, and take a breather to think about what'll work best in your space this spring. Just like the seasons, home decor changes are best made gradually and organically.

For daily home decor inspiration, head over to @swyft_home on Instagram.

How do I transition my house from winter to spring?

To transition your house from winter to spring, start by giving your place a good declutter and spring clean. After this, replace heavier fabrics like faux fur and wool throws with airy linens and cottons. Open up windows to let the fresh air in, and use scented candles and diffusers to give your space a fresher, spring-like feel. Add small accents to your house like seasonal flowers - tulips and daffodils are a great way to welcome in the spring season at home.

When should I start decorating for spring?

Start decorating for spring in the last weeks of winter. This time period as the temperature starts to climb again ready for spring is the ideal starting point. Use the colder, darker evenings to prepare your spring home style. This way, by the time spring comes, your house will feel freshened up and in-keeping with the seasonal change.

What colours are best for spring?

Use colours that feel brighter than your winter decor palette. Blues, light greens, pale pinks and neutrals all bring a fresher feel to interiors. If bold colours are more your thing, grass green, bright pink peony or sunshine yellow are the best colours for spring.

What colours are considered spring colours?

Spring colours are defined by their fresh feel, inspired by the changing hues of the outdoors during this season. Traditionally, the colours that are most associated with spring are: 
  • Blush or blossom pinks 
  • Light and dark yellows
  • Pale blue or duck-egg blue 
  • Warm neutrals and whites
In interiors, spring colours can take on a new meaning and be interpreted however you like, to fit your own interior space.


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