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Trending now: living room looks with green sofas

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Olivia Lowry
green sofa ideas how to decorate with a green sofa what colours go with a green sofa living rooms with green sofas

Showing no signs of slowing down, it’s been pretty hard to ignore the green trend in interiors over the past few years. We’ve seen sage green walls, emerald green soft furnishings and bright neon green details all over our Pinterest feeds. In a step away from the usual default to neutral furniture, this love for green has extended to our sofas and armchairs too. Swyft fabric buyer Lizzie Hothi writes:

“Vine (pictured below) has always been a firm favourite from our core range of sofa fabrics. We’re seeing huge interest in Forest and Kingfisher Velvets since launching our Made to Order sofa collection. These greens are closely followed by Fern, a new boucle fabric in the collection. 

 This colour definitely continues to grow in popularity every year, and it’s great to see it expanding into other fabric types”.

green sofa style guide green sofa colours green fabric sofas

In this week’s blog we’re here with all the green sofa inspiration you need - from vibrant velvet to textured boucle and everything in-between. Here’s our round-up of green the most eye-catching living room looks to date.

Look 1 - coastal/natural

green sofa green velvet sofa green sofa styling how to style a green sofa green sofa boho living room boho style living room coastal style living room coastal style interior

Model 03 sofa in Vine

This living room space is all about bringing that sense of the outdoors and nature inside. The lush green backdrop created through @maireadturner’s floor-to-ceiling windows is continued by adding a green corner sofa. The sofa is cleverly paired with a combination of naturally-found textures which makes the whole room feel both impressive and calming at the same time.


Look 2 - neutral/textural

green sofa chenille green sofa green chenille sofa green sofa neutral living room green sofa beige living room

Model 06 sofa in Moss

The living room look by our stylist shows just how versatile a green sofa can be. This chenille sofa fabric creates depth when paired with other textures in this neutral-toned space. Herringbone flooring provides a warmer feel, and sand-coloured wool curtains are draped around the corner of the room, creating a more visually interesting backdrop for this modular green sofa.

Look 3 - eclectic/colourful

Green sofa ideas colourful green sofas colourful living room rainbow living room bold colour living room pink and green living room pink living room wall with green sofa

Model 06 sofa in Vine

Colour lovers - this one’s for you. In @littlebigbell’s space, this green sofa creates a central focus for the many colours and patterns it’s surrounded by. Adding non-matching cushions in playful hues adds tonnes of joy to this room, and nods to the other colours present. A pale pink wall lets the green sofa and bright rugs do most of the talking.

Look 4 - farmhouse/modern country

green armchair green accent chair green wool sofa green wool chair wool sofa wool armchair comfortable armchair farmhouse aesthetic country interior farmhouse interior period home living room wall panelling

Model 06 armchair in Willow

In this country home, creating a cosy but sophisticated feel was the focus. Our stylist chose green wool fabric to achieve a softer vibe, which pairs well with the relaxed look of this armchair. A simple statement lamp with a linen shade adds a warm glow that shows off this green accent chair well.

Look 5 - scandi/modern

mid century green sofa green velvet sofa scandi living room modern living room contemporary living room loft apartment decor polished concrete floor microcement floor

Model 02 sofa and footstool in Vine

For a bright and modern feel, our stylists have paired this velvet green sofa and footstool with Scandinavian accents. Taking full advantage of the light in this loft room space, the walls are kept white which keeps the space feeling airy, despite the darker green of the sofa. A scandi-style floor lamp hangs over the sofa, creating a subtle diffused light.

Look 6 - conservatory/sun room

green boucle accent chair boucle accent chair boucle armchair boucle and velvet together conservatory styling conservatory interior green and bronze decor green and orange decor

Model 01 armchair in Fern, Storage ottoman 02 in Bronze

In conservatory rooms, maintaining warmth is key. Our stylist used an armchair in boucle and storage ottoman in velvet to contrast with the stone floor for a cosier feel. Green works well with a whole range of other colours but for this space, our stylist opted for a complimentary warm tone in the Bronze fabric ottoman.

Look 7 - industrial/loft

green sofa brick wall brick wall living room exposed brick wall living room green side table sage green side table green ottoman sliding door barn door

Model 02 sofa in Vine, Storage Ottoman 02 in Vine

Our stylist’s paired this green sofa and ottoman with more green tones. To the side, a sage green metal table is the perfect spot for a book, and a decorative plant. We’re big fans of combining different tones of the same colour, and in this space, it’s done perfectly with two shades against an exposed brick backdrop.

 How do you style a room with a green sofa?

You can style a room with a green sofa in a few different ways, depending on what your interior goals are. For scandi and modern interiors, keep walls and floors neutral and add decor in toned-down accent colours. In mid-century modern rooms, combine your green sofa with teak wood and soft lighting.  

What colours go with green sofas?

Green sofas are versatile when it comes to colour combinations, but the best colours to experiment with are: pinks, neutrals, blacks, reds and whites. Green sofas also work well when placed in a multi-tonal colour scheme, combining the sofa with other shades of lighter or darker greens. Try a dark green sofa with sage green walls for a cohesive and easy-to-replicate living room look.

How do you style a forest green sofa?

Style a forest green sofa with other natural elements like indoor plants, wood furniture and flatwoven rugs. For velvet sofas in forest green, opt for brass and bronze to bring a luxury feel to your space. Green wool sofas can be combined with soft throws in the same material, for layered comfort.

Is green a good colour for a sofa?

Yes - green is a great colour for sofas thanks to its calming, subtle tone. The colour green brings an element of nature inside the home, which is why living rooms with green sofas feel relaxing to look at.

Are green sofas on trend?

In short - absolutely. Although green sofas are pretty bright in colour, green is a very versatile tone that fits into a lot of different interior styles. Green has firmly cemented itself as a new timeless colour that’s going to be around for years to come.


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