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We're increasing prices from April

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Ed Hawes
We're increasing prices from April

We know that choosing your perfect sofa is not a quick decision, despite our next day delivery, picking your favourite Swyft sofa takes time. So, we’re offering you a quick heads up on some incoming changes.

As everyone is aware prices for commodity materials are increasing globally, therefore, at the end of March, our prices will go up. Industry-wide, we’re seeing material, fuel and shipping costs increase. All of these elements increase the cost of offering our customers the best boxed sofas on the market, with our signature 24 hour delivery.

We’re passionate about our quality products and excellent customer experience, which means rolling out price increases in the next few weeks is reluctantly necessary.

We make all our own sofas, in our own factory. We pay above the living wage for all our craftspeople and stand behind the best guarantees in the industry, compromising on quality is not something we will ever do.

We want to ensure you get the best value whilst our current prices are still available. To take advantage of current prices before the end of March, shop with us today.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team via .

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