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8 Colours To Go With Mustard Sofas

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Ed Hawes
mustard sofas

Bold colours are back – and so is mustard (did it ever leave?). As interior design trends move away from strict minimalism, we look towards more eclectic and maximalist trends like Farmhouse Chic and Pastel Clashes

That’s why, here we look at the top 8 colours that go with mustard sofas – from blues and greens to earthy tones like terracotta and burnt orange.  

What colours go with a mustard sofa? 

Navy Blue
Navy blue not only adds depth to a room but it offers a sharp contrast to mustard. It’s a timeless colour that complements a mustard sofa creating a balanced look that is stylish and refined. 

yellow sofas

From traditional to contemporary, retro to maximalist, navy blue is a versatile colourway that can be added to any interior style without too much thought. Regardless of the mustard sofa, navy blue is a colour that will last. 

In short, navy blue creates visual interest when paired with a mustard sofa, offering a beautiful contrast.

Olive Green
Olive green has a harmonious natural, earthy tone that pairs beautifully with a mustard sofa. Its organic nature creates a cosy ambiance that blends well with mustard’s golden undertones. It evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, so when coupled with a mustard sofa it creates an inviting place to relax. 

As seen with navy blue, olive green and mustard is a contrast of colours that don’t overwhelm the senses. For example, a mustard sofa and Swyft’s velvet vine Model 02 armchair would work well together. 

Deep Plum
Deep plum is associated with affluence, royalty, and prestige; its grandeur creates a unique atmosphere that’s full of richness and drama. And when coupled with mustard, it promotes luxury. 

Deep plum is a bold colour that enhances mustard’s vibrancy and creates a focal point in the room, adding interest and depth. Using accessories and upholstered items like cushions and sofa throws to introduce the colourway to a room, can be a simple and effective way to add pops of colour and personality. Alternatively, pair a mustard or yellow sofa with deep plum feature walls and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Think Terracotta, think the Medetteranian. Terracotta is a colour that promises warmth, minimalism, and cosy. Its natural beauty and rustic charm complement the vibrant boldness of a mustard sofa, effectively bringing it down to earth. 

Associated with sun-drenched horizons and charming Mediterranean homes, terracotta will transport you to a place of relaxation. Combined with a mustard sofa, the interior will promote a dynamic interplay of warm tones creating a visually appealing and balanced look and feel. 

Dusty Pink
When coupled with a mustard sofa, Dusty Pink enhances the warmth of a room, creating an inviting and calming atmosphere. Also known as blush pink or millennial pink, Dusty Pink is a soft colour with muted tones, promoting tranquility.

Dusty Pink can be used as a primary colour or accent colour – it works well with minimalist and maximalist designs. Sweet Embrace, a blush pink, was named Dulux’s colour of the year, giving light pink even more prominence. Dusty Pink’s neutral undertones are an ideal colour to accessorise with. From sofa throws and cushions to wall art and lighting, Dusty Pink can be introduced in a multitude of ways and looks perfect with a yellow sofa. 

Charcoal Grey
Together, charcoal grey and mustard are a balanced boldness. Grey is a timeless tone that can be paired with most colours, but when combined with mustard it creates a sense of luxury and sophistication that is elevated by the warmth of the mustard sofa. 

charcoal and mustard sofas

Charcoal grey is the perfect foundation colour for any room or style. When combined with a mustard sofa it can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a room. The charcoal adds depth and interest that captivates the eye, creating a timeless look that is warm and sophisticated. 

Burnt Orange
Burnt orange and mustard are similar shades but when blended they create an autumnal feel that’s inviting and cosy. 

Much like terracotta, brunt orange is an earthy tone that evokes warmth and energy, exaggerating that sense of comfort and relaxation. Burnt orange is heavily autumnal and brings the beauty of the season indoors. Admittedly, both mustard and burnt orange are bold and impactful colours, yet the pairing is striking and creates energy. It’s an eclectic mix that would work in bohemian, contemporary, minimalist, and maximalist interiors. 

Cream provides a neutral foundation and backdrop to your mustard sofa; the easiest pairing on this list. Cream is not only timeless, a contemporary go-to for many interiors, but it’s elegant and sophisticated. The balanced cohesive colour scheme means the mustard sofa stands out. It pairs beautifully with the warmth of a mustard sofa, making it a focal point. 

cream and yellow sofas

Is a yellow sofa a good idea? 

Of course, a yellow sofa is a good idea. A yellow or mustard sofa is a great way to create a warm and inviting interior. The bold yellow can be contrasted against the room’s colour palette, creating a focal point and depth of interest. A yellow sofa is a brave choice, but a choice that you won’t regret. 

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