Christmas is different for everyone. The idea of Christmas and the way we celebrate is mostly the same, but the traditions we have can be vastly different. So, with Christmas only a few days away, we asked the team what their Christmas traditions are – here are some of the best ones. 
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All year long, your living room is the heart of your home. But during the holiday season, it begins to feel extra important. It’s the perfect backdrop for gathering with friends and family, it’s the go-to location for your Christmas tree, and (if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace) the primary entrance for Father Christmas.

For these reasons, and many others, here's some ideas for Christmas living room decor and how to fill your space with some extra Christmas cheer this year - because let’s face it, we all need it!

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As COP26 comes to a close this week, we thought there was no better time to sit down with Ecologi to understand what they are trying to achieve, learn a little more about the climate crisis, and to discuss  carbon offsetting and what the reality of this looks like. 

Ecologi’s Climate Impact Manager, Sam Jackson, has been attending COP26, so we couldn’t be in safer hands. 

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