The UK has so much to offer: from the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall’s rustic sandy beaches; the quaint, charming hamlets in the Cotswold to the dramatic Jurassic Coast in Dorset. 

For those who are used to holidaying abroad it might be difficult to know where to begin when looking to stay in good ol Blighty. So, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best locations to have a UK staycation.

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At Swyft, we pride ourselves on the fact that our main factory facilities are based on the outskirts of Porto, Portugal. Boasting a rich pool of talented craftsmen and upholsterers, Portugal is the home of upholstery and furniture manufacturing, and it acts as a perfect base for our manufacturing operation. 

We chatted to Paul Fieldon, Co-Founder and Director at Swyft, to learn more about the upholstery college, our partnership with them and a brief history of furniture manufacturing in Portugal.

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We roped in James Stirling, the man behind London Fitness Guy, to help kick start your fitness journey. James is a Personal Trainer, who recently featured on the front cover of Men’s Health, has had numerous TV appearances and boasts a healthy 300k+ followers. 

James, not only shares with us his tips on exercise and its physical and mental benefits, but he has also created a circuit exercise routine specifically for you. A workout you can do directly from/on your Swyft sofa.

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Imagine yourself sprawled across your new sofa, wrapped in a soft blanket with a warm cuppa to hand listening to a cracking podcast. 

At Swyft, we’ve collated the best podcast we’re currently listening to to help you escape the madness. From comedy and true crime to interior design and everything in between, this is our list of top podcasts to help keep you sane during this extra ordinary time.

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