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10 WFH friendly desk ideas for small spaces

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Ed Hawes
10 WFH friendly desk ideas for small spaces

Almost everyone is part of the ‘work from home’ generation now, thanks to the pandemic: The entire workforce was thrusted into the unknown in 2020, with families battling it out to get their small share of the dining room table to call their office.

It’s been a tight squeeze. With homeschooling and remote workers all required to use the same area, making adjustments to the living space has been as essential as lateral flow tests.

Not only that, but there’s something about trying to work from the sofa that makes it extra comfy. It’s the perfect place for a small afternoon nap after the 34th Zoom meeting of the day.

But that’s no good for productivity. Which is why, if you’re sticking to the WFH life in 2022, we’ve got a bunch of desk ideas for small spaces. Because no, working in front of another episode of Dinner Date is not conducive to a productive day.

How do you make room for a desk in a small space?

Whether you’re looking for studio apartment desk ideas, or even small bedroom desk ideas, we’ve got your covered. There are plenty of desk solutions for the remote worker - no matter how small of a space you have to work with.

1. Wall mounted drop leaf tables 

What do you do if you have no space for a desk? Wall mounted desks are a great option.

For starters, they don’t take up any additional room when not in use. Most drop leaf tables that are wall mounted can be folded down flush against the wall. Some don’t even have traditional desk legs, meaning none of the limited floor space is taken up by your home office.

If the room is really tight, this small wall mounted desk could even double up as a breakfast bar.

2. Repurpose a bookcase

Most of us will already have some storage items taking up space. But with a few adjustments, an old bookcase can be repurposed into a little office.

Remove the shelves from the bottom up to half way, and use the middle shelf as a desk space. The gap underneath should give you enough leg room. Above, you can still use the shelving for books, a printer and other items you might need during the working day.

3. C Tables 

For those that really can’t resist the temptation to work from their soft office (the sofa or bed), a C table is the perfect small desk for the living room or bedroom.
These simple tables use a square C shape so that they can slot over your bed frame or sofa. That way, you can sit comfortably, while still having a flat surface to place your laptop or notes.

Sitting on the sofa and crouching over the coffee table could add a lot of strain to your back and neck. A C-table is much taller and more ergonomic.

4. Corner desk space 

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, there are a bunch of desk ideas for small rooms dotted across the internet. The difficulty lies in making sure the room stays multifunctional.

When space is premium, you’ll want the spare room to be for more than just working; it might also need to be the guest bedroom or a storage space for other household bits and pieces.

With this in mind, creating a desk space in the corner could be the perfect solution. Corner desk spaces offer a little more depth than a standard straight desk. They’re ideal for anyone that needs to use a desktop computer as wires can be routed down the back.

small office desk

You can either buy a corner desk to slot nicely into place, or create your own using small bedside cabinets and a piece of wood.

Once you’re set up, check out our small home office decor ideas to really make the space your own.

5. An office on wheels 

Adding wheels to the bottom of your desk legs can help to keep the space in your room or home multi-functional. When not in use, you can move the desk to the side so it’s not in the way. You could even move it around the house for when the view of the back garden gets a little samey.

6. Install a long shelf 

Possibly one of the easiest ways to create a desk in a small bedroom is by installing a waist height shelf. Or, if you prefer a standing desk, you could even install the shelf a little higher up.

A shelf won’t take up much room in any area of the house, and using a longer shelf will add additional storage space to the room, too. To find out more, read our blog: Small bedroom office ideas.

7. Use a box window

Box windows offer extra space in a room that can totally be used as a small office. That is, as long as you can stop people watching and focus on your work!

If you’ve never been sure what to do with a box window, you can easily turn the space into a desk by putting a panel of wood across the alcove and extending the window sill to be large enough for everything you need. Then, all you need is an office chair to get started.

8. Or an alcove 

In a similar vein, you can also create a small office space within an alcove of a room. You can either repurpose a bookcase that’s already in place, install a waist height shelf, or simply slot a small desk into the space. This is a great way to add an office to a small room without feeling like you’ve lost any floor space.

9. Glass or lucite desks

The best desk ideas for a small room also take into consideration the materials you use.
Using an opaque glass or lucite desk prevents the room feeling stuffy or looking cluttered. It helps to keep the room light and airy, while also offering an elegant and contemporary style.

glass desk

10. Renovate your closet

Built in wardrobes often make a small room feel even smaller. Which is why utilising the wardrobes themselves is a great small desk idea. Then, when the working day is over, your wardrobe doors can hide everything away and create a boundary between work and play.

Working from home is becoming the new norm. If you’re stuck on how to add a desk into your small living space, hopefully this list has given you plenty of inspiration.

For those lucky enough to have a home office already in place, why not upgrade your space with a small office sofa and how to choose the right one? You can shop all sofas on our site and see which may fit nicely into your office.

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