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Small bedroom office ideas

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Ed Hawes
bedroom office ideas

If you live in a shared house, or if you have limited floor space to play with in your property, your bedroom may well be the only spot available for your home office. Luckily, installing a practical and stylish office in your bedroom is relatively easy, no matter how big or how small the space.

A clever layout, and good quality furnishings, can help you to create a space that enhances your interior, and your home’s functionality, simultaneously. Here, we take a look at some of the best small bedroom office ideas and how you can incorporate them into your property.

How to arrange a small bedroom with a desk?

small bedroom desk

When it comes to creating a usable office space, the desk is probably the most important thing you need to consider. In order for your bedroom office to be practical, the desk needs to be a comfortable height and width and fit neatly into your bedroom layout.

Make use of alcoves

When designing your small bedroom office, start by looking at the shape and dimensions of the room itself. If there are alcoves in your bedroom, see if you can find a desk that slots neatly into the available space. This will minimise the amount of room needed for your home office and help to keep your work area tucked away.

Installing shelves in the alcove above your desk will give you plenty of storage space for files, gadgets and records. If there’s no alcove in your room, you could consider building a desk into a large wardrobe or cupboard to create a micro-workspace for your WFH days.

A desk with a view

Desk in front of window in room with bookcase

Placing a small desk by your window is another good option. As well as turning the desk into a feature, this layout will ensure you have a bit of a view, and a good dose of natural light, when you’re working from home.

Fold-away office

Last but definitely not least, if you have very limited floor space to play with, you could opt for a fold-away desk. Folding your desk away at the end of the day will allow you to create a little separation between your work and home lives. It will also free up valuable floor space and prevent your bedroom from appearing cluttered.  

Desk ideas for small bedrooms

Wooden desk in white bedroom

Almost any kind of table can be used as a desk. As long as you have enough room to get your legs comfortably underneath, and a computer comfortably on top, you can use any small table as your office workspace.

Often, the easiest option is to buy a specially designed desk. However, if you’re handy with a hammer, you could easily make your own. Wide shelves can also be used as desks, though you’ll need to ensure there’s enough clearance above the shelf for your computer screen to sit easily in the space.

One of the advantages of using a shelf as a desk is that it allows you to create an entire built-in furnishing. Install shelves above your workspace for extra storage and to help your desk blend in seamlessly with your bedroom décor.

Small bedroom office combo ideas

Even in small bedrooms, a clever layout can help you to create different areas or zones for living. This can be a real asset if you spend a lot of time in your room and need it to function in a number of different ways. It’s also a good way to plan your space if you live in a studio or another type of bijou property.

Combining your sofa with other furnishings will help you to create a space that’s versatile as well as stylish. It can also help you to get more functionality from your interior and maximise the usability of your home.

Desk and sofa

Wooden desk with yellow armchair

Adding a desk to your bedroom office will give you somewhere to sit and relax when you’re not working hard at your desk. While it may sound counterintuitive to add more furniture to a small space, a well-designed 2-seater sofa can actually make your bedroom office feel bigger by introducing another feature to the layout.

If you regularly collaborate with other people, your sofa will also give you somewhere to brainstorm and provide a place for your visitors to sit while you work on new ideas. Find out How to Choose an Office Sofa for a Small Space , and find the perfect piece for your home office, by taking a look through our beautiful collection of 2-seaters.

Workspace and storage

Designing your workspace so that it provides extra storage for your bedroom is a great way to make the most of your bedroom office combo. Choose a desk that has plenty of drawers or opt for a built-in furnishing that gives you extra shelf space. If your desk is big enough, you can also store items, like photos, plants, books and speakers, on the desk itself.

You could even arrange your desk so that it doubles as a bedside table. This is a good option for small rooms and for people who want to minimise the amount of furniture in their space.

Workspace and entertaining space

In studios and house shares, desks can easily double as social spaces. If you want to use your workstation for entertaining when the day is done, invest in a slightly larger desk and a couple of stylish chairs to go with it. When your computer is tidied away, you should have plenty of room to share a meal, a drink or a chat with any friends or family that pop round to visit.

Using a few of these small office room ideas when creating the layout for your home workspace should help you to make the most of your interior. Find out more by checking out our 20 Small Office Room Décor Ideas for Your Home Studio , or by exploring our beautiful collection of 2-seater sofas today.
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