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We're on the BBC's Interior Design Masters show

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Lottie Leggett
Interior Design Grand Masters

We’re featured in the new series of the Interior Design Masters show on BBC 2, and we’re super excited about it (make sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 8pm).

The concept of Interior Design Masters is to follow ten aspiring amateur interior designers as they take on weekly interior challenges. Each week one contestant gets voted off by resident judge Michelle Orgundehin and that week’s celebrity guest judge. The interior designers are fighting it out to win a life changing design contract which should propel their interior design career.

Hosted by Alan Carr, the show is as camp and flamboyant as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s blazers (spoiler alert: LL-B is celebrity guest judge numero uno).

How did we make it onto the show?

The production team reached out because Model 01 fitted in with the show’s design scheme.

We sent the team at Interior Design Masters two Pumice 3 seater sofas, two Seaglass armchairs and one Pumice armchair to be used in the main studio space. This is where the designers meet each episode and are given the design briefs by Michelle and that episode’s guest judge. The main studio is also used for the designers to breakout into pairs to discuss their plans each week. It’s designed to feel like a multi-purpose design space to help with collaborative working.

We also sent the show a Vine 3 seater sofa and three Elephant armchairs which were used in Michelle’s office. This is the part of the show where Alan Carr, celebrity guest and Michelle critique and discuss each designers’ efforts and ultimately decide who should stay and who should go.

The Vine was chosen specifically because it goes well with the Cole and Son wallpaper used in the office.

To celebrate being featured on the show, we're giving our followers on Instagram the chance to win a Model 01 velvet vine 3 seater sofa - hit the post below for more details.

We will also be live tweeting each week, so follow our Twitter page for more of this

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