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7 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Living Room

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Samuel Hurley
7 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Living Room

All year long, your living room is the heart of your home. But during the holiday season, it begins to feel extra important. It’s the perfect backdrop for gathering with friends and family, it’s the go-to location for your Christmas tree, and (if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace) the primary entrance for Father Christmas.

For these reasons, and many others, here's some ideas for Christmas living room decor and how to fill your space with some extra Christmas cheer this year - because let’s face it, we all need it!

1. Au Naturel

Bring your winter wonderland indoors with some natural themed decor. Choose a real Christmas tree where possible for a really natural and cosy feel (it’s also the more sustainable choice). Adding pinecones and wooden decorations can add another dimension of realism to your tree that gets Mother Nature’s stamp of approval.

Wooden bowls also make excellent centrepieces and can be filled with festive treats or potpourri, whichever you prefer. Bring in plenty of plants too such as those in our guide to living room plants. Additionally, natural materials can stretch across the living room, from a soft, linen sofa to a textured hessian table runner.

2. Pops of colour

Whether you go bold with neon or sophisticated with jewel tones, bright pops of colour are a contemporary twist on a classic and are great for those who want something a bit different.

With the rise in popularity of bright glass ornaments, it’s easy to add colourful decorations to your tree. Go bold with blue living room decor, proud and pink, or go bright with miniature Christmas trees and a technicolour garland, Christmas doesn’t have to be limited to just green and red.

3. Plenty of plaid

Brushed cotton and tartan are winter staples so adding checked fabrics to your decor adds an instant cosiness that is quintessential of the Christmas season. Bring in your favourite plaids by introducing cushions, throws over your sofa, and even in your stockings for a cohesive and comfy style.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room For Christmas

A lot of decorations in a compact space can feel a little overwhelming. If you have a small living room but still want to get into the Christmas spirit, here are some fun ideas to make the most of our space.

4. Tiny trees

As wonderful as a big Christmas tree can be, they are often large, bulky, and can impose on precious floor space. To help keep the walkways free from clutter (and to keep presents safe), opt for a smaller tree. But smaller trees can also get lost among furniture so we’d recommend elevating it on a stool or piece of furniture. It brings the cheer without the clutter and who can say no to that?

If you really have no spare space for a tree, why not hang one on the wall? You could paint a fir tree on a tapestry to hang on the wall or make the outline out of string lights. You could even decorate a different house plant instead to help save space. Whatever you choose to do, it’ll be sure to bring that festive feeling to your home.

5. Hang things up high

When the floor space is limited, it’s time to turn to the ceilings.

Hang decorations such as paper snowflakes from the ceilings to draw the eye up and create your own personal flurry. You don’t need to break out the nails for these lightweight snowflakes. Just hop on a ladder and grab the tape for easy installation and removal once the holiday passes.

Alternatively, hang strings of lights down narrow hallways to add a little bit of magic to the space and create a super special feel.

6. Turn your cards into decorations

Instead of cluttering up the sideboards and tables with Christmas cards, turn them into decorations. Group them together by colour on bookshelves for a charming decor idea or pin them to a string of lights, garland, or tinsel on the wall to display them proudly.

7. Super sofas

No living room is complete without a comfortable sofa to relax on and watch Christmas movies together. With a wide variety of colours and two different fabric types to choose from, shop our sofas to find the perfect addition for your living room this festive season.

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