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Love your home: Last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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Ed Hawes
Love your home: Last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

With Valentine’s Day very quickly approaching, we’ve put a list together of last minute gift ideas for any home lovers. From plants and candles, to lighting cushions and artworks we've got it covered. 



Give the gift that keeps on giving this Valentine’s. Val is the perfect plant for this special occasion, not only is it an indoor plant, but it’s in the shape of a love heart. It’s also free when you spend over £50 with Patch. 

Val, also known as a Hoya plant, is a climbing plant which can often be found in South-East Asian countries, where it can grow up to four metres tall. Don’t let this put you off though, it won’t climb past the pot it’s planted in. 

You can’t go wrong gifting an indoor plant, whether it’s obvious or not, everyone has green fingers. With Patch’s Valentine’s Day gift list, you quickly chose a love-infused present from their selection. 



Just like us, Bedfolk’s foundations are built in Portugal, where their manufacturing operation takes place. For this reason, they have a special place in our hearts.  

So, why not treat yourself or a loved one to new bedding. Bedfolk’s selection of relaxed cotton bedding bundles are ideal for lazy mornings or cuddling up in comfort any day of the week.



Pooky is the go-to place for lighting. Specialising in beautiful, decorative lights, their offering is affordable  and responsibly sourced with as little impact on the environment. 

From table lamps to floor lamps, light shades to mirrors and wall lights, Pooky is the perfect outlet to light up your Valentine’s without costing a fortune. 

Iggy Box


Candle kings, Iggy Box are the ideal candidate to set the right mood for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Not only are the candles delivered to your door, but you can also buy a subscription to deliver a new candle to your home every month. Perfect for any candle lover. Iggy Box also has a bundle of other options, including their Lavender, Lemon and Cedarwood candle by Shifa. 



Grind has been called a London institution. Initially, opening a coffee shop in Shoreditch in 2011, they have since grown with coffee outlets all over the city. 

Wake up your significant other with a selection of Grind coffee pods, granules, subscription service, or splash out on a Grind One coffee machine. All of which are guaranteed to go down well with any coffee lover. 

Adorn the Common


Adorn the Common is a recent discovery we love. They’re a London based, boutique lifestyle brand that offers humorous, luxury gifts. From beautiful cushions and candles to bold pieces of artwork and an array of carefully selected perfumes. 

In Casa by Paboy


In Casa by Paboy is a small homeware brand founded in Naples during the lockdown in 2020. Paboy is originally from Gambia and currently seeking asylum in Italy. Working in the industry since he was thirteen, he’s an expert in his craft which is showcased through his cushion covers. 

The Raspberry Velvet and Lilac Ruffle cushion is two shades of pink, making for the perfect gift. Every cushion cover is hand sewn by Paboy, so there’s a two week wait for any order. You may miss Valentine’s, but they’re definitely worth the wait. If pink doesn’t fit your interior, do not fear, he’s got an entire collection with many colour options. 

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