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What are the top 5 fabric sofas?

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Ed Hawes
fabric sofas

With so many sofa options out there it can be difficult to wade through the noise and find the type of sofa that’s right for you.

That’s why, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 fabric sofas. With each fabric we explain why they are a good fabric choice for your sofa. Before we jump into the details though, below we’ve answered a couple common questions that should be considered before you go head-first into buying a fabric sofa.  

What are the disadvantages of a fabric sofa? 

From comfort, style, versatility and relative affordability, fabric sofas have many advantages. But, before it or not, they do come with some slight disadvantages that should be considered before parting with cash.  

1. Fading
As has been covered in many articles before, fading from direct sunlight can be problematic. However, most fabric sofas now come with anti-fade treatment, you should still keep direct sunlight to a minimum. 

2.Staining and maintaining 
Accidents and spills are a part of everyday life, there’s often no avoiding it, especially if you have kids. There’s no doubt fabric sofas can attract stains and if not cleaned properly can cause permanent damage. So, make sure to check if the fabric is stain resistant (most are these days), if not then think about subscribing to a good fabric protection cover. And familiarise yourself with the best protocol on how to clean a sofa.

To ensure a fabric sofa is kept in a good condition, regular hoovering and spot cleaning is also required. 

3. Durability and wear and tear 
Fabric sofas may not always be as durable as a synthetic or leather sofa. Over long periods of time, a fabric sofa might sag or lose its shape, which can affect overall appearance and comfort. However, this very much depends on the quality of the fabric. In high traffic areas, fraying and fading might happen, but that’s an issue for all sofas. 

With that in mind, it brings us to our next question: fabric sofa life expectancy. 

What is the life expectancy of a fabric couch?

As you might expect, the life expectancy of a fabric couch can vary based on the quality of the sofa. Wear and tear, usage, maintenance and quality of materials used, will all have a part to play in a sofa’s life expectancy. 

The general rule of thumb, however, is a fabric sofa should last from 7 to 15 years, but can last much longer. That’s why, Swyft has a 15 year frame guarantee. We’re confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our sofas. First and foremost, however, you should buy a fabric sofa that fits your lifestyle and the intended use of the sofa. If fabric wear and tear or fading is a worry, speak to us or your sofa retailer, and ask for the fabric’s rub count – 30,000+ is industry average – and ask if the fabric is fade protected. 

What are the top 5 fabric sofas?

Hopefully, the life expectancy of the fabric couch or the disadvantages of owning a fabric sofa hasn’t deterred you from owning your own. We’ll assume if you’re still here then it hasn’t. So, let’s dive in, the top 5 fabric sofas are: 

  1. Velvet sofas 
  2. Linen sofas 
  3. Boucle sofas 
  4. Chenille sofas 
  5. Cotton sofas 

Velvet sofas

Velvet is a great choice for your fabric sofa, rarely has velvet gone out of fashion. Its guaranteed comfort comes from unparalleled softness, and its versatility comes in a multitude of colours that go with any interior design style or colour scheme. Velvet is known for its natural warmth, especially for homes in colder climates, where it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

velvet 2 seater sofa

Due to its depth of texture, velvet sofas can really add interest to the room. That’s why, at Swyft, we offer we have four types of velvet – a velvet for every home: 

  1. Velvet: a standard velvet and what you expect from the material 
  2. Mottled velvet: a velvet with more texture, one that is cut differently than a standard velvet
  3. Royal velvet: a collection of richer, more lux colours 
  4. Eco-velvet: recycled velvet made from recycled plastic bottles – exactly the same soft-to-touch feel as our standard. 

Linen sofas

Alongside velvet, linen sofas are one of our most popular fabrics. And for good reason. Linen sofas have natural properties that give the material a natural look and feel. It has a casual, relaxed and minimalist aesthetic that works well in a variety of interiors. 

linen modular sofa

The fabric has natural breath-ability properties that means it can regulate temperature. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen is one of those fabrics that gets softer overtime – it’s comfy from day one, with a beautiful texture, but that comfort will only increase. Alongside this, the material is available in a range of colours, which means it goes with many colour palettes. At Swyft, we offer linen in nine colours, all of which are neutral, pastel tonnes, perfect for a calming, minimalist and contemporary home. 

Boucle sofas

There’s no denying, boucle is our favourite. It’s fun, has incredible texture, adds interest and creates a focal point no matter the situation, and is en trend. Boucle has come and gone over the years’, most notably ivory boucle armchairs – they were everywhere. Now, we’re seeing the rise in popularity of darker shaded boucle sofas

Boucle is famed for Its looped yarn, which creates a distinctive and textured appearance. The material is a great choice for your fabric sofa because it offers a contemporary and luxurious aesthetic. It’s also comfy – up there with the likes of velvet – and can come in a variety of colours. And due to its weave, its texture is quite thick which can help absorb sounds from the room. This is particularly notable for those with a minimalist, contemporary or Japandi environment, where soft furnishings are usually kept at minimum. 

Chenille sofas 

Chenille sofas offer a combination of comfort and durability whilst also being aesthetically appealing. Much like velvet, chenille is soft-to-touch, which provides a cosy environment to relax in. Not only does Chenille guarantee a depth of texture, but it offers a variety of textures to choose from.

chenille armchair

Chenille can work with many colour palettes and interior styles, its tight weave means it's incredibly durable and keeps a strong appearance over time. Also, like its boucle counterpart, chenille absorbs sound which makes it the perfect fabric for a minimalist living room. 

Cotton sofas

Cotton sofas are popular due to the fabric’s natural, comfortable properties. Made from the cotton plant, it’s naturally breathable. Much like linen, it can regulate body temperature and reduce moisture. This also makes it extremely comfortable to sit on. 

cotton sofa in harissa

Unlike some of the other fabrics, cotton is very affordable making it accessible. It’s easy to maintain and can often be removed and washed without any consequences. Cotton also has a classic, timeless look that will work well in most interiors. 

From pastel greens, oranges and pinks to neutral beige and greys, at Swyft, we offer five colours in our cotton range. They will work in any environment.

That's our round up of the top 5 fabric sofas. If you're looking for more inspiration, please hit follow the related blog section below or order a free sample box

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