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The easiest ways to step-up your home's curb appeal

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Ed Hawes
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Curb appeal (noun) the qualities of a building that make it attractive, for example, to a buyer when it is seen from the street.

I don’t know about you, but we’ve spent loads of time styling the inside of our houses recently. As summer approaches, it’s time to give the exterior of your abode some love and attention.

We’ve divided out some easy ways to refresh your entrance, whether you’ve got just an hour to spare, or can put a weekend aside. Grab a cuppa, and have a read of the easiest ways to step-up your curb appeal.

Quick wins

Replace your door hardware

Red front door with silver handle

Pinched on time, and on budget? Skip re-painting or fully replacing your front door and try new hardware instead. Replacing handles, locks and letterboxes can be done with just a few tools in less than an hour. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference changing these little details can make.

Upgrade your existing porch light, or add a new one

Porch light


Look up. Chances are, your existing porch lamp (or lack of) is looking more like a spider web get-together than a beacon of beautiful light. There are loads of options out there, including lights with motion sensors which are a big plus for security of your home. Bring your personal interior style out, whether that’s with a mid-century frosted globe lamp, or a traditional style piece.

Add a new number or house name

Pink front door with painted numbers


Another super quick way to refresh your exterior space is by replacing your house number. Not only does it help visitors find the right place, but it’s also a way to show off your style to the world before you even open the door (even if the only time you do is for the ASOS delivery guy). 

Got a couple of hours?

Repaint the door

Blue painted front doors

Whilst it might look like a tricky job, the actual hardest part of this one is choosing what colour to paint to use. A splash of a brand new colour or a refresh of the existing one could be just what your house needs to bring the outside from sad to fab. Contrast the paint with the colour of your house, whether that’s a bold blue against red bricks, or a muted green against a white smooth render. It might take a little longer, but it’ll be 100% worth it.

Pressure wash

Possibly the most satisfying before and after videos are of pressure washing (see the pool guy’s TikTok for 13 million followers that agree). Over the winter your steps, front paths and patios will naturally get mucky due to the weather. Renting or investing in a decent water pressure washer is the quickest way to freshen up your entrance. If it’s really not budging or it’s been a while since it’s been cleaned, call in the professionals.

Get some green

Front door with plants


We won’t judge you if your outdoor plants are looking a bit lacklustre, promise. Introducing leafy additions to the inside of your home always freshens things up and the same can be applied to your front steps. Get green-fingered with potted plants, herb gardens and hanging flowers for a nature-friendly curb that looks great too.

Weekend projects

Clean the windows

clean windows

Telescopic poles are great, but sometimes the best way to clean windows is to get on that ladder and do them by hand. It’s a bit more of a laborious job, but it’ll drastically improve the clean factor of your home when viewed from street level. Additionally, squeaky-clean windows have the added benefit of allowing more light to flow inside. Brighter, lighter rooms inside? Yes please.

Smarten up boundaries 

Wall and fence house boundaries

Got close neighbours? It’s a good idea to check with them before taking out any fence panels or changing up any borders. Often, those beside you will agree to share the costs of refreshing this part of the outside space so it’s worth a friendly chat or a note through their door. A new fence, some small shrubs or classic stone blocks are simple ways to define private driveways or path spaces. The result is a more upscale feel that’ll dramatically freshen up the overall outside vibe.

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