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Swyft x Lick: colour psychology & the best bedroom paint colours

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Ed Hawes
Swyft x Lick: colour psychology & the best bedroom paint colours

With the recent launch of the Model 04 sofa bed, we sat down with Lick, the people-powered decorating movement, to get a brief understanding of colour psychology and how to best use colour in your bedroom.

Lick’s colour specialists recommend opting for colours that resemble nature. This means that light blues, greens and pinks are the best colours for a soothing bedroom.

In colour psychology terms, green is the colour of balance and harmony, making it a very calming colour for bedrooms. As green falls into the middle of the colour spectrum, the eye requires very little adjustment to be able to actually see it. This means that it asks very little of you and is incredibly restful on the eye, and thus mentally. Light greens are a winner here, so opt for Green 01 or Green 09 for your bedroom.

Light blue is the most mentally soothing colour and is associated with mental calm, serenity and reflection. Light blues like Lick’s Blue 01 and Blue 02 can help reduce mental stress and inject a sense of calm into your bedroom. Therefore, having a bedroom painted in these colours will actually afford you a space to unwind.

Light pinks are also excellent choices for bedrooms. Lick’s Lead Colour Specialist, Tash, explains that pink, in colour psychology, is the ultimate nurturing colour. Painting your bedroom walls in light pinks like Pink 01 and Pink 02 will make you feel like you are being enveloped in a warm hug. These light pinks are incredibly comforting and can aid sleep and the feeling of psychological safety.

Simultaneously, for a bedroom you want to snuggle up in, you can actually do the opposite of the above and go for darker colours. Dark colours have what is referred to as a ‘cocooning effect’, making the room feel smaller as the walls advance inwards. A dark, inky blue like Blue 07 will remind you of the night sky and send you right to sleep and a dark hooly green like Green 06 will add both depth and elegance to a bedroom.

You can explore Lick’s full range of designer paints here and read up on sleep hygiene to learn more about how to create the ultimate bedroom sanctuary.

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