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New Year, New Look: 8 Steps to Redefining Your Space for 2024

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Ed Hawes
sofa bed in blue

As the old saying goes ‘New year, new me’, or, as we say, ‘new year, new look’. There is nothing quite like a good re-think, clear-out, or complete redesign of your space to kick off a new year.  

So, how can you redefine your space for 2024? In the Chinese calendar, it’s the year of the wood dragon. That, however, does not mean you should add wood to your interior. If you want to redefine your space for the coming year, start by reflecting on the needs and functionality of your home, and then follow this eight-step guide to guarantee you will have a solid plan for redesigning your space. 

  1. Reflect on the needs of your space

Do a small review of your current space. Make a note of likes and dislikes; what areas would you like to change? How are you using the space and how would you like to use the space? Do you need more storage, and better lighting, to refigure the room layout? What aesthetic do you currently have and which aesthetic would you like to achieve? Do you prefer a maximalist, cosier feel or a minimalist look? 

To guarantee you redefine your space entirely, and for the biggest impact, work from the ground up. 

  1. Use Moodboards to plan a redesign

Next up: plan your redesign. Kelly, Swyft Home’s resident Interior Designer, uses Moodboards to design our photoshoots. The Moodboard gives Kelly the space to pair objects together while taking into consideration Swyft’s look and feel, alongside current interior design trends. A Moodboard can either be a physical or digital board. 

A physical moodboard can be as simple as an A4 piece of paper with fabric and paint samples next to magazine cutouts of furniture or decorative objects. The aim is to create a space to find an interior style or colour scheme that works for you and the space. A digital moodboard is similar but instead of physical cutouts or samples, it uses cutouts from social media, interior publications, and online stores. 

Use this time to seek inspiration from others – explore trends, ideas, and perspectives. 

  1. Declutter and rethink storage

Decluttering your space is the first physical step you need to take when redefining your space. Remove items you no longer need or that don’t fit the aesthetic you want to create in the space. If the items are in good condition, consider selling them on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Gumtree and use the money made to fund the new space. 

For the items that you are keeping, think about how they should be stored and whether any new storage solutions can be introduced to the space. This will help the room become more functional, organised, and tidy. 

  1. Choose your colour scheme

A colour scheme is a great way to set the tone. Colour can impact the mood of a room, its aesthetic, and how furniture feels and looks within the space. Accent colours should be used to provoke interest and balance. For example, an off-white minimalist interior can incorporate a green two-seater sofa –the green’s dark shade is contrasted against the off-white, creating a focal point of interest. 

green sofas

  1. Add personality 

It doesn’t matter what type of interior style or colour scheme you decide to go with, there is always room for personal touches. Personality in an interior can be achieved tastefully; think photography, artwork, and sentimental mementos. Small personal touches make that space yours entirely. 

Flowers or plants are another way to add personality and charm to a room while bringing the interior to life. Not to mention the health benefits.   

  1. Update or upcycle furniture

If you’re in a position to be able to invest in new furniture items, now is the time. Consider what the room needs: a new sofa, sofa bed, coffee table, sideboard, side tables, or desk. Whatever it is make sure it fits with the colour scheme and interior style of the room. 

Before buying new, research secondhand or upcycled furniture – there is a wealth of online retailers that offer upcycled furniture. It might also save you a few pennies while having a positive impact on the environment. At Swyft, we often sell refurbished sofas – another great alternative to buying new ones. 

sofa bed with dog

  1. Add Layered lighting 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Layered lighting should be a key consideration when curating an aesthetically pleasing interior. Use a mix of ceiling lights, dimmable lights, table lamps, floor lamps, floor lighting, and shelf lighting. Think about how you want the room to appear in the evening. Is there a specific mood or atmosphere you wish to create? Be creative, test, and have fun.  

Maximising natural light is another consideration – lighter wall colours reflect light, creating the illusion of a larger space: that and the use of mirrors. 

  1. Implement the redesign gradually

Although this guide is about redefining your space in 2023, that does not mean you need to complete a redesign straight off the bat. Use January as a time to reflect and moodboard. A redesign takes time and consideration, so it shouldn’t be rushed, and you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Once the redesign has been planned out, take your time to implement it. Make small changes here and there, so you don’t get stuck, and it feels like the project is progressing. But, importantly, there is no rush. 

Using the new year as an opportunity to create an environment and an aesthetic that you’re happy with and comfortable in,  is a great way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Take time, make considered and intended interior design decisions, be creative, and at the end of the project you will have a space that has been completely redefined.

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