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5 Trends That Interior Designers Say Will Be Big In 2024

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Olivia Lowry
blue sofa with red acer tree

This year’s flown by, and it’s been a very varied one for home decor. We’ve seen everything from retro style, to sustainable swaps, to green interiors and more.

2024 is just around the corner, so we decided to have our yearly catch-up with one of our in-house interior design experts. This time round we’re joined by Head of Creative and Interior Design Expert Kelly Collins. Here’s what she had to say about the biggest decor trends set to hit the market in the new year.

Kelly Collins Swyft

Hi, Kelly. We’re excited to find out what trends are going to be big next year.

“Me too. The first thing I’ll say is that 2024 is going to be very much a mixed bag. Some of the ideas I’ve pulled together are quite different. You’ve got contrasting styles like minimalist and maximalist, as well as lots of very different colour palette options. I think what we’re seeing is a definite move towards just decorating in ways that make you happy. People are becoming much more individual with their home decor styles, which I love the notion of,” says Kelly.

1. Minimalism

“This isn’t your normal take on minimalism, where everything’s grey and white. If anything, all-grey interiors are definitely on the way out next year,” Kelly explains.

neutral minimalist living room

“What we’ll be seeing is minimal, Scandi-like touches, using natural materials. Organic textures like wood and jute are going to be huge, and exposed materials too. Think lots of real wood, exposed brick, seagrass carpets, that sort of thing. Back in the day, matching furniture sets were all the rage, but this trend is the exact opposite.

We’ll see a shift towards mixing wood tones - from dark acacia to light birch, these combinations will add depth,” says Kelly. “Pair this with cotton and linen upholstery, and you’re left with a super relaxing feel. It’s ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.”

neutral bedroom decor

Image: The Design Files

What about colours?

“Great question. I think most people associate a Scandi/minimalist look with tonnes of warm neutrals. These are crucial for creating a base, but you can still add bolder colours here if you like. If you were going to create a custom colour palette, I’d pick four colours. Three of those should be neutral - try cream, taupe and off-white. Then your fourth can be a much bolder pop of colour, added into a few places around the room,” Kelly explains.

green sofa cream living room

Image: @hello_haus

“Colours in this trend will be more accented. This means a pop of them around in smaller doses - think a colourful throw, an accent chair, or a framed print. Natural and earthy colours, especially toned-down greens like sage or olive will be popular. If you love your green tones, you can always bring in plants as a way of adding colour. Next year we’ll also see bold accents in minimalist settings. Cobalt blue and other super bright blues will be everywhere,” says Kelly.

scandi interior with blue accent chair

Image: The Nordroom

2. Maximalism

“I’m a big fan of being brave with interior choices - I love it when I see our customers choose super bold colours for their sofas. Next up we’ve got Maximalism - which is sort of a blend of many smaller sub-trends. Upcycling and thrifting are in full swing at the moment, and I think we’re starting to see younger interior design enthusiasts get excited about vintage pieces,” says Kelly.

house and garden

Image: House & Garden

“People are mixing decor from different eras, so there’s almost an eclectic side to this trend. It’s all about having fun, and carefully curating your place over time instead of buying everything all at once. What you’re left with is a space that feels authentic and timeless,” she explains.

checkerboard headboard

Image: Design Boom

Are there any colours or patterns we should look out for?

“A big part of the maximalist trend in 2024 will be the continuation of dopamine dressing. There’s a colour, or combination of colours, out there for everyone. Like I’ve said before, next year is about decorating in whatever way makes you happy. It’s about having fun, and not worrying about your look hitting a certain trend, or using a specific colour. It’s fine to take elements of a few different trends you like, and see if they work together,” Kelly explains.

eclectic living room style

Image: @francescaperks

“A lot of people tell me they like bold colours but they’re not quite sure how to use them. If you’re ready to take the plunge with a punchier tone, we’ve got a great guide on pairing up sofa and wall colours. You can use this to help you make decor decisions for the rest of your place - or shoot us a question on Instagram. We’re always happy to help.”

“Patterns are always key when you’re going for a maximalist look, and next year we’ll see the peak of two specific designs. Firstly, checks and checkered decor definitely had a moment this year and it’ll only get bigger in 2024. It’s fun, playful, and can be easily added to so many styles,” says Kelly.

striped maximalist bedroom decor

Image: Sage x Clare

“Secondly, big, bold stripes are coming back. In 2024, the chunkier they are, the better. These statement patterns don’t necessarily need to come from big pieces like furniture and rugs - you can future-proof your living room looks by opting for patterned artwork, cushions, throws or lamps,” she says.

3. Bold Pastels

“Some might say pastels are only for spring, but I reckon they’re great year-round. In 2024 we’re going to see so many more of these subtle, toned-down versions of our favourite colours. Dulux recently announced ‘Sweet Embrace’ as their colour of the year 2024 - it’s a lovely subtle pastel pink with warm undertones. If I’m designing any room that needs to have a relaxing vibe, I’m picking pastels. They always make for a calming environment, no matter the overall style,” says Kelly.

91 magazine pinterest

Image: 91 Magazine

“A pastel colour palette is a great idea if you want to add colour, but don’t want to go too wild. By choosing these tones, you’re avoiding the default boring grey whilst still making sure your space feels super light and airy. So many of us are living in much smaller spaces now - from studio apartments to smaller houses, and we’ve got to think about making the most of the square footage we have. If you’ve got a place like this, jumping on the pastel trend in 2024 is a great way to make your place feel bigger without having to paint it white,” Kelly explains.

pastel colour bedroom decor

Image: Marie Claire France

Which pastel colours should we look out for in 2024?

“The biggest players in the new year will be colours that we already love, in just more subtle versions. Blush and peachy pinks, pistachio and sage greens, lavender hues and minty blues are going to be all over our Pinterest feeds and in our homes.”

pastel pink living room wall

“I’ve included some examples here that are all-out pastel, with loads of block colour and colour drenching. However, I think it’s important to mention that you don’t have to go full force with this trend if you don’t want to. A little touch of it is nice - maybe as your pop of colour in a minimalist setting with a pastel lampshade, coasters, or other small touches,” says Kelly.

4. Dark and Warm Colours

“I’ve been harking on about the comeback of proper 70s and retro looks for ages - we’ve done loads on this topic this year. It’s just such a fun trend, and anyone who knows me knows it’s a favourite of mine. In 2024 we’re going to see lots more of that, but we’re also seeing a new vibrant earthy colour trend being born out of the same mid-century focus,” she explains.

dark red sofa with red walls

“These colours always get popular around autumn time - it’s not any surprise as they’re all what I’d consider to be super warm choices. By that I mean lots of rich brown colours like chocolate, rust and tan. We’re seeing these become popular with our customers who’ve got neutral homes, and they’re using deeper brown colours for their sofas and upholstery as a way of anchoring down the overall look. This looks brilliant when you contrast it with a nice light neutral palette, or against any light wood features,” Kelly advises us.

dark purple bedroom

Image: Turbulences Deco

What about any non-neutral colours?

“In terms of the non-neutrals, 2024 is going to definitely carry an autumnal feeling all year round when it comes to colour. We’ll see lots more dramatic, dark oranges and yellows like bronze and mustard. Deep red colours are flying off our shelves, with burgundy, paprika, and harissa regularly taking the top spots on our socials. They’re all very warm and inviting colours that help create a cosy atmosphere, with a touch of drama,” Kelly explains.

dark red sofa

“This year we introduced grape as a new fabric colour, and we’re already seeing it taking off. I think these plum-like purples will have a big moment in the new year, and I can’t wait to see the looks our customers create with them. All of these prove that just because a colour is associated with a particular season, doesn’t mean it isn’t a great fit all year round,” says Kelly.

dark purple dining room

Image: The Design Files

5. Curved furniture

“Finally in our trend predictions, I’ve included curved furniture. With the retro trend coming back in full force, loads of us in the industry have been seeing these huge, dramatic curved sofas make a comeback in the past couple of years. I think these look great in a super architectural, open-plan space, but they’re not necessarily the best choice in terms of their size, for regular homes. Most people can’t fit this type of thing in their space,” Kelly explains.

curved design coffee table

Image: Gustaf Westman

How will this trend look in our own homes?

“Instead, we’re going to see a lot more curves in other furniture pieces throughout 2024. It’s hard to say exactly where this will go as it’s definitely one of the more newly emerging interior trends in our report, but we’ve already seen signs of it,” says Kelly.

waterfall style coffee table

“In our last Model 10 photoshoot I even included a waterfall-style coffee table, and this is where it’s going. We’re going to see a lot more of those smaller, usable items like round coffee tables, side tables and cabinets, all take on a much more fluid silhouette,” she says.

curved dining table with bench

Image: Capra Designs

curved sofa and round ottoman

“Look out for curved, bevelled edges on furniture pieces, sculptural elements like vases and a lot more spherical and round shapes in 2024’s home decor looks,” says Kelly.

Thanks Kelly, we'll see you in the next one! 

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