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How to Decorate a Living Room with a Mustard Sofa?

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Ed Hawes
Mustard sofa style guide

Despite its bold, statement personality, mustard has been around for years. A colour that can be combined with a versatile mix of styles; contemporary, mid-century, timeless, and retro, it’s a colour that beats trends and seizes to disappear. 

To ensure your mustard sofa fits into your interior, you need to make sure the colour scheme is blended well. This can be done by carefully choosing the correct paint colours and accessories. But, first the key is knowing what colours and themes go well with a mustard sofa. Here, we answer three of the most asked questions on mustard sofas: 

  1. Is mustard a good colour for a sofa?
  2. What colours go well with a mustard sofa?
  3. How to decorate a living room with a mustard sofa?

Is Mustard A Good Colour For A Sofa?

mustard velvet sofa

Mustard is a great colour choice for your sofa. It’s a bold colour that will only work with specific styles and tastes. But, if paired right it will bring bags of personality to your home. Here’s some reasons why mustard is a good colour for a sofa: 

It adds warmth 
Mustard’s deep, bright yellow is inviting. Its rich colour evokes warmth and will look perfect in any room. Low lighting will exaggerate its naturally warm aesthetic.  

Mustard is bold 
There aren’t many sofa colours that make a statement quite like mustard. A mustard sofa is guaranteed to be the focal point of the room. It will create interest without being too overpowering (if styled right). 

It’s timeless 
Mustard has been around for years, and has stuck. Yes, it comes and goes, but never fades. It’s a trend that always comes back. Unlike other bold colours, it has a certain timelessness to it, which means it will always be popular and will stand the test of time. 

It works for any season 
Mustard is a chameleon when it comes to seasonality. It’s a colour that is bright, bold and naturally leans towards a summery interior. But it also works with autumn and winter colour schemes. As mentioned above, when paired with burgundy – or other deep rich colours – it creates a cosy, inviting environment. 

Mustard is versatile  
That brings us nicely onto its versatile nature. Mustard works with many styles, interiors and colour schemes. It’s timeless, contemporary, boho, mediterranean, traditional, retro and mid-century. It’s hard to find many limitations with mustard and mustard sofas.  

What Colours Go Well With A Mustard Sofa?

Colour tips for mustard sofa

Be bold and add bags of personality to your living room with a mustard sofa. Given, mustard is not for everyone, or for every interior, but if paired correctly it can add a wave of warmth to your home. Colours have a huge impact on our mood, the feel of a space, the look of an interior. So, it’s important to get right. When choosing a mustard sofa you need to make sure the style and atmosphere of the rest of the room is right, so take time to choose the room’s colour scheme. 

That’s why we've listed all of the colours that go well with a mustard sofa.  

  • Blue
  • Cream 
  • Grey 
  • Black 
  • Wooden earthy colours 
  • Burgundy 
  • Green

Blue is often associated as a cool colour – so a navy or light blue or a teal will contrast against a mustard sofa. The contrast will help emphasise the warmth of the mustard, bringing the room to life.

As with all minimalist colours, a white or cream interior will bring a fresh and simplistic feel to the room. A minimalist colour scheme will guarantee the mustard sofa is the focal point of the room without making other aspects of the room too overpowering.  

A neutral colour that promises to balance out the striking nature of a mustard sofa. Not only can grey look sophisticated and luxurious, but it can also be soft and warm – the perfect accompaniment to a colour scheme inclusive of mustard.   

Just like cream, black can create a contrasting look against the mustard sofa. It’s a great option for those who want a dramatic look; promising a bold yet contemporary environment. 

Wooden earthy colours
Wooden features with a mustard sofa will help further evoke an earth, natural aesthetic. A mid century mustard sofa with a walnut coloured frame and feet is a beautiful look. Mustard against light or dark brown wooden floorboards is a nice continuation of the earthy colour scheme. 

Bold on bold? It’s brave, but if pulled off right, would create a sophisticated dwelling. The richness of both mustard and burgundy guarantees a cosy atmosphere. Ideal for winter evenings. 

A deep green pairs nicely with a mustard yellow sofa – just like blue, its cool natural colour will help contrast the mustard whilst promoting a warm environment. 

How to Decorate a Living Room with a Mustard Sofa?

mustard sofa decor tips

Taking into consideration the colour tips from above, how do you put it into practice? How do you decorate a living room with a mustard sofa?

  • Paint the walls
  • Add plants 
  • Use textured or patterned rugs 
  • Create layered lighting 
  • Add metallic accents 
  • Incorporate artwork 
  • Add textured cushions and throws 

Paint the walls
Use paint as a way to neutralise, centralise or exaggerate the boldness of a mustard sofa. A white or cream wall will make the sofa a focal point; charcoal or a teal will create a soothing contrast; any rich deep colour will draw attention away from the sofa and provoke an inviting, cosy environment. 

Add plants 
Green is a colour that pairs nicely with mustard. One of the best ways you can do this is by introducing plants to the room. It will not only create points of interest, but make the room feel relaxed. There are many studies stating the endless number of benefits nature has on mood. Bringing the outside in should be a-given, no matter the colour of the sofa.   

Use textured or patterned rugs 
Rugs add texture and layer to a room. With a mustard sofa using a neutral coloured rug can help balance the room or further add warmth. A patterned rug with tones of mustard and other complementary colours can really bring a room together.  

Create layered lighting 
The key with lighting is to create a layered look. This will exaggerate the mustard sofas’ warmth, creating an inviting environment. Use a mix of floor, table and ceiling lighting to balance and enhance the colour of mustard.  

Add metallic accents 
To add a touch of elegance and sophistication, introduce metallic accents. Coffee tables, side tables, lighting and frames can be a clever way to do this. Metallic accents will complement the mustard sofa – and further highlight its bold personality. 

Incorporate artwork 
Bringing a room together can work well with artwork, especially in a neutral setting when only a small number of colours need to be weaved together. The key here is for the artwork to include complementary colours – black and white artwork will help contrast the boldness of mustard. Artwork can also help add personality to a room – not that it’s needed with a mustard sofa.  

Add textured cushions and throws 
As always, cushions and throws are a great way to add contrast or complementary colours to the interior. It’s worth mixing and matching different colours and patterns which can add depth and interest. Be playful. 

When committing to a mustard sofa make sure to get the colour and the aesthetics of your living room right. If you get that down, then your mustard sofa will be a timeless classic. 

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