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10 sun-loving houseplants for summer with Patch Plants

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Olivia Lowry
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As a pretty plant-obsessed bunch ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for new ones to add to our collection. Most houseplants hark back to tropical climates, which makes plant care all about recreating that type of environment indoors.

Now we’re into much warmer months, we asked our friends at Patch Plants for their lowdown on sun-loving stems. In this blog, we’re joined by houseplant expert and buying manager Rachel Horton who’s given us her list of indoor plants that should definitely be on your radar this summer. Watering cans at the ready…

1. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise

If you’re looking to make a huge statement, this is your guy. “He’ll bring a bit hit of exoticism and tropical vibes to your home”, says Rachel at Patch Plants. “Bird of Paradise plants will definitely enjoy some time outdoors at the height of summer, but introduce them to the outside gradually, so they can adjust to the stronger sun.”

2. Pineapple plant

This might just be our favourite plant on the list. Rachel explains “Pineapple plants aren't fussed about humidity and don’t need pruning, they just like a decent amount of sunlight and regular watering. This is especially true when they’re flowering or producing fruit - that’s thirsty work”, Rachel adds.

3. Tradescantia

If it’s something different you’re after, this one might be the plant for you. “Tumbling purple leaves make this one a real eye-catcher”, says Rachel. “She’s a very fast grower. Great if you want long stems - but don’t be afraid to cut them back if you’d like to keep them shorter.”

4. Ficus ginseng

ficus ginseg plant patch plants

This smaller plant packs a punch. “Those big, exposed roots and bright, bushy foliage make this a houseplant with loads of character. Ficus ginseng is often trained as a bonsai tree because of it’s thick ‘trunk’ and dense leaves. Definitely one to give a go this summer”, says Rachel.

5. Euphorbia 

euphorbia plant patch plants euphorbia cactus plant

Calling all low-maintenence plant parents. Rachel says “Euphorbia are the perfect plant for anyone who wants great looks with very little effort. They really couldn’t be less hassle”. Rachel notes: “Be aware that this plant’s sap is highly toxic, so make sure to keep it well away from kids and pets”.

6. Fiddle leaf fig

fiddle leaf fig patch plants flf plant fiddle plant fig plant

Focal points are made easy with this one. “A favourite with the very fashionable, the fiddle leaf fig's unique shaped leaves always stand out”, says Rachel. “Treat this guy well and you’ll have a real showstopper. Don’t worry if he drops a leaf or two while adjusting to the summer sun - it’s totally normal. Expect a couple of drops in the winter too.”

7. Hoya

hoya plant patch plants hoya carnosa

After a hanging plant this summer? “With pretty green and white leaves and soft pink stems, Hoya Carnosa are great for bringing a subtle pop of colour” says Rachel. “Style this plant as a hanging feature, or let it drape over the edges of a shelf.”

8. Kumquat tree

mini orange tree mini citrus tree kumquat tree patch plants

Like all citrus trees, this guy adores the sun. Rachel explains “This beautiful little tree flowers in summer and produces edible fruit later in the year. Kumquat trees don’t like temperatures below 7°C, so make sure to bring them inside in autumn and winter. Put your citrus plants somewhere that gets lots of light - the more summer sun they get, the more fruits they’ll produce!”, says Rachel.

9. Banana leaf plant

banana plant patch plants banana leaf plant

Banana plants have all the boxes ticked - they’re pet safe, love the sun and grow pretty fast. “Remind yours of their jungle homes by keeping the humidity in the room high. Banana plants love to be misted regularly, so keep a spray bottle to hand”, says Rachel. “These guys have sizeable leaves when matured, so you’ll want to put yours in a spot that gives them plenty of room to grow during the sunnier months.”
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