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Hallway Chairs: How to Arrange and Style a Chair in the Hallway?

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Ed Hawes
Hallway chairs

When we think of an accent chair or armchair we often associate them with a living room or bedroom. Rarely do we place them anywhere else. Well, it’s time to put that wrong to right. Introducing hallway chairs. Hallway chairs are unique. They create a new living space for an area that isn’t lived in. The hallway is a mysterious dwelling; a transactional space, strictly used to get from one part of the house to another. 

But can you put a chair in the hallway? Of course you can. No longer do we live in a world where strict rules are applied to the home. Anything is possible. 

How to arrange a chair in the hallway? 

Hallway chairs are the perfect way to make use of an empty space. A hallway chair can act as somewhere to hide shoes, temporarily leave coats, keys and handbags upon entering your home. And, an area to unwind with a good book – and dare I say, a glass of red. So, how can you arrange a chair in the hallway?   

  • What size of hallway are we talking about? 
  • Functionality 
  • What’s the hallway chair’s positioning 
  • Choose the size and style of armchair or accent chair 
  • Accessorise the space
  • Add wall art 
  • Hang a mirror 

hallway chair decor ideas

What size of hallway are we talking about? 

36 inches. That’s the amount of walkway space typically needed in a hallway to guarantee a smooth transit without furniture bumps. With that in mind, it’s important to measure the space you have and then decide if the space allows for an armchair. If it does, move onto the next section. If not, maybe have a think: can you move the shoe rack, the coat hanger, or…. knock down a wall?  


Why do you want to place a chair in the hallway? If it’s for decoration, great. But, if it’s for an intended use then make sure the hallway chair is conveniently located. Let’s say, it’ll be used, predominantly, for removing shoes. Then make sure the armchair is close to the door. Design an entranceway that not only looks good, but is functional. 

Choose the size and style of armchair or accent chair 

The size of your hallway really dictates the size of the chair you can place there. A chunky armchair might be too big, whereas an accent chair might fit perfectly. If space is tight, consider a bench or stool, both are good alternatives to hallway chairs. 

When choosing a hallway chair, remember to think about the space’s interior and to incorporate that colour scheme when choosing the right armchair. Ask yourself: Does the space follow a mid-century look or is it minimalist? Has it got a maximalist aesthetic that is also contemporary? Are you looking to create a classic, timeless feel so the space won’t need renovating in years to come? These types of questions will help when it comes to adding a hallway chair to your space. 

Think about the hallway chairs’ positioning 

Knowing where to position the hallway chair will help understand and think about the flow of traffic. You could position the chair against the longest wall in the hallway, for example, if it doesn’t obstruct the feng shui. If the hallway has an inlet or nook, even better – positioning the armchair into that nook would create space that doesn’t affect the use of the hallway. 

Here’s an idea, a rogue one, and only plausible for those with stately homes, would be to place the accent chair in the centre of the hallway. This would create a separate space, splitting the hallway into two different areas.   

hallway chairs

Accessorise the space

If the size of your hallway allows, adding a hallway chair would be the perfect opportunity to accessorise the space. Accessories will not only add personality to the hallway, but will help it blend well into other areas of the home. 

Initially, start with the armchair by adding a throw and cushion. A side table with a side table lamp and a selection of coffee table books would look great. If you don’t have room for a side table, no problem. Adding a floor lamp behind the armchair will create ambiance without taking up too much room. 

Add wall art

To further add personality to a dead space in the hallway, create a gallery wall. Choose a selection of different sized frames, fill them with sentimental photographs or decorative items, and hang them from the wall behind the armchair or accent chair. This will not only add character, but it will create interest and focal points in the hallway. It will also create a sense of warmth to an otherwise transactional space.  

  1. Choose frames of various sizes 
  2. Collect artwork, photographs and sentimental items 
  3. Flat lay the frames on the floor and mock up how you might want them to look on the wall 
  4. On the floor, have a play around with positioning 
  5. Hammer nails into the wall and hang the frames
  6. After adding the frames to the wall, place the armchair in its place and see how it looks 
  7. If you’re not happy, move the frames around until you’ve achieved the desired look

Hang a mirror
Hanging a mirror from the wall is a trans-formative yet simple technique. A mirror will instantly bring light to the hallway, and, in doing so, make the hallway an inviting place to relax in an armchair or accent chair. A mirror in the hallway will also make the space feel larger, perfect for a new hallway chair nook. 

The key to make an armchair or accent chair work in the hallway is balance, proportions, functionality and incorporating it into the colour scheme of the hallway. 

Hallway colour trends 2023 

Since we’re talking about hallway chairs, maybe it’s time to have a think about colour and paint trends for that part of the home. Adding a dash of paint to the hallway will completely lift the space. That followed by a new gallery wall and armchair will transform your hallway. Below we quickly run-through a few of the hallway colour trends of 2023 (a full rundown of colour trends can wait for another blog, pending).  

hallway colour trends

Warm white 
Clean, minimalist, evoking warmth. What more could you want from a hallway colour? 

A dark paint shade is not always a bad thing, charcoal is perfect for bright coloured furniture whilst helping you reset as soon as you walk through the door. 

Deep pink
Big, bold and bursting with personality, just like you. We’d assume. 

Pastel green
Light, airy and totally refreshing. Imagine: cucumber on eyes kind of vibe.  

Orange yellow 
Imagine seeing the sunrise every time you walked through your hallway. Do we need to say more? 

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