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5 design ideas for your home's entrance

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Ed Hawes
Hallway design ideas

This week we’re looking at sprucing up our entrances. Whether you’ve got a long hallway or just enough space for a doormat, your entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. Entryways should have just as much personality as the rooms that follow, so we’ve rounded up some inspiration to get you started.

What should I put in my entryway?

Entryways should always be led by your individual functional needs, however, there are some basics that every home entryway should have, regardless of style and size: 
  • A doormat 
  • A coat rack or hooks 
  • Shoe storage
  • Lighting

How do you style an entrance?

Your home’s entrance is a transitory spot, and your main goal should be to style it in a way that seamlessly joins up with the decor of the rest of your home. It’s common for entrance halls to be the smallest space in the house. This means you should keep it uncluttered with clever storage solutions, whilst still allowing uncomplicated nods to your interior design choices.

Style your entranceway

Image: Sheerluxe via Pinterest

This London home’s entranceway was designed with both family living and timeless design front of mind. The designer explains: “We went for pieces that would alter as they aged; the leather bench, for example, will wear in beautifully over time, and the warmth of the walnut will mature as it ages”.

how to style your hallway

Image: Imperfect Interiors via Pinterest

This take on a traditional Edwardian entranceway puts original features front and centre. Practical touches are added in the form of a handy marble-topped console table and longer runner rug. On the walls, matte finish sconces provide additional lighting for post-sunset arrivals back home.

scandi style entranceway

Image: Refined Interiors via Pinterest

This Scandinavian-inspired entrance is made up of a recessed panelled wall, tastefully painted in blue to differentiate this area from the rest of the open plan space. A birch bench provides a natural place to sit, and simple birch rounded pegs keep bags off the floor.

entranceway ideas

Image: Our 1930's Fixer-Upper via Pinterest

A combination of high ceilings and a tall, oversized leaner mirror opens up this hallway space. By utilising the reflection of the parallel walls, an illusion of additional width is created. A light-toned woven rug naturally leads the eye into the centre of the house, which sits on top of a hardwood oak floor, leading into the kitchen space. 

apartment flat small entranceway entryway ideas design

Image: Arch Daily via Pinterest

This apartment entrance keeps it simple, where space is limited. On the walls, solid wood rounded hooks provide a place for jackets, and an oval shaped mirror on the parallel wall is accented in gold, contrasting against green.

Can you put a chair in an entryway?

A chair or armchair in your entranceway is a great spot for taking shoes on and off, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Below, we’ve used a Model 06 armchair in unused space under the stairs, for an additional cosy corner that would otherwise be empty. 

Model 06 armchair
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