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7 decor trends that interior designers predict will be big in 2023

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Olivia Lowry
interior design trends 2023 interior trend predictions 2023 interior designer trend predictions

Is it just us, or did 2022 fly by? This year’s been a really exciting one for interior trends and experimenting with home decor. We’ve seen everything from Scandi style, to sage green, to mid-century modern and more. 

Thinking ahead to 2023, we caught up with two of our in-house interior design experts to find out their trend predictions for the new year. This week we’re joined by head of creative Kelly and interior design expert Ben. Let’s get into it.

1. Mediterranean blue

Move over, green. This colourful trend is likely to appear towards summer, influenced by beach holidays and rising temperatures. Look out for Mediterranean blue from March onwards.

blue sofa Mediterranean blue Mediterranean blue interior blue design trend interior design trends 2023

Kelly comments: “Reminiscent of traditional Mediterranean and Greek interiors, this striking blue is the perfect contrasting shade to the classic pastel colourways we tend to see in the summer months.”

How to do it

2. Natural textures

Equally organic in nature is the steady incline of natural materials used in our homes. This trend really took off in 2022 and according to our designers isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

linen bedding natural textures interiors rattan texture organic linen woven textiles teak wood linen fabric linen upholstered bed linen sofa

Ben begins: “The concept of bringing the outdoors in is going nowhere. This year I envisage natural stone textures being more key than ever. Terracotta and similar earthy coloured tiles work well in cool rooms such as kitchens and bring back that connection to nature”.

Kelly adds: “We can expect a mix of textures to dominate the space - unfinished woods, stones and marbles for the hard furnishings, and bouclé will stay extremely popular”.

How to do it

  • Use earthy versions of bold colours
  • Combine soft and hard contrasting textures like wood and bouclé
  • Choose natural fabrics like linen, cotton and wool

3. Retro

You don’t have to be a 70’s or 80’s baby to take part in this colourful home style. Our designers have picked up on the rise in popularity of retro design, and expect it to become the go-to in 2023 (shag rugs and avocado green bathrooms optional).

retro interior design 70s interior design 80s interior design retro style retro home decor vintage furniture vintage home decor teak cabinet teak wood furniture 70s patterns

Kelly comments: “The 70s revival is an evolution of the Mid-Century Modern craze that has dominated the industry for the past few years.

Think rich, earthy tones like deep red and warm browns, with a mix of layered textures for that 70s depth in finish. This period was also all about embracing patterns, so to really nail it, you need to go big and bold”.

Ben adds: “The concept of vintage has never been more en vogue. Interior design trends, just like fashion, are proving to be cyclical and the 1970s look is going to be a major influence in 2023 interior design. Soft shapes, and relaxed style seating designs have a cocooning effect for a happy and enjoyable interior. At Swyft, we’re seeing customers choosing sofas with deeper seats and plumped-up cushions for a real “sink-in” experience”.

How to do it
  • Consider warm-toned colours - brown, gold, red, orange
  • Introduce geometric patterns on walls, with rugs and with artwork
  • Shop for authentic retro pieces at vintage stores and flea markets
  • Follow our guide to 70s retro interior decor

4. Painting unexpected places

Who said you had to stop at the top of your walls? The default way of painting ceilings bright white is on its way out, in favour of a more impactful technique. Painting isn’t the most exciting decor job, but the impact a painted ceiling or skirting board can give makes it totally worth it.

painted ceiling painted door frame painted ceiling trend bold interiors colourful paint ideas

Image - Seasons In Colour via Pinterest 

Kelly says: “Painting the ceilings or skirting boards in your home a unique shade is a great alternative to just painting the walls. Homeowners can either opt for the same shade as their walls to create the illusion of more depth and space or opt for a contrasting colour for a contemporary effect”.

 How to do it

  • Paint door frames and skirting boards a darker tone of your wall colour
  • Experiment with paint samples before committing to colour combinations
  • Get your painting technique nailed for the neatest finish

5. Buy once, buy better

This home interior trend for 2023 is less design-led, and more about investment pieces. In 2023 we’ll see shoppers more likely to go for high-quality timeless styles, rather than jumping on short-lived trend bandwagons. Not only is this good for our pockets over time, but it reduces the environmental impact home decor can have on the planet too.

Kelly comments: “With sustainability and the cost of living both at the forefront of our spending habits, people will be adopting a quality over quantity approach. This will mean buying furnishings of a high calibre once, rather than opting for ‘fast’ homeware”.

How to do it
  • Consider buying refurbished and reupholstered furniture
  • Think about repairing homeware before replacing it 
  • Opt for the highest quality items you can afford when it comes to things that get a lot of use like sofas, beds, flooring and chairs

6. Golden shades

Warmth is a big theme across the 2023 colour palette, no matter your interior style. By including gold, caramel-like tones to your place you’ll create a feeling of comfort that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics.

golden cushions caramel colour decor gold decor gold accent cushion gold scatter cushion velvet cushion cover

Image: Aizome Design via Pinterest

Ben White predicts: “In 2023 pleasant golden shades will be really popular for elevating interiors – the idea is to bring sunny mellow tones into your house. This creates a comforting and energising atmosphere, which is exactly what you’ll need going into the cold January months.

How to do it

  • Explore using buttery golden shades for your wall colour
  • Create more of an impact with velvet fabrics in dark tones
  • Rich caramel colours can be introduced with armchairs or heavy draped curtains in

7. Irregular shapes

Asymmetric mirrors took off in 2022 - you couldn’t scroll through interior design spaces on Instagram or Pinterest without seeing them. In 2023 the revival of the 70s look continues, expanding into interesting shapes and proportions in interior decor.

wavy candle holder

Image: Rocio via Pinterest

Ben says: “The concept of irregularity covers several elements of great interior design. There’ll be a big move away from rigid minimalism and a drift towards sofas with curved silhouettes, fluid-form rugs and wave-edged tables”.

“In line with a core focus on sustainability, irregular interior design will
draw attention to pre-loved pieces and existing original features in older homes. This makes the asymmetric trend ideal for bringing together old and
new in an organic way. It’s a real celebration of past and present”.

How to do it

  • Start small with abstract shapes in vases, magazine racks and table lamps 
  • Choose soft edges and curves over angular silhouettes 
  • Pick one abstract focus piece that’s irregular in shape like a fanned light feature, or a wave-edged coffee table

What interior design trends will be popular in 2023 UK?

  • Mediterranean blue 
  • Natural textures 
  • Retro 70s style 
  • Painted ceilings 
  • Buy once, buy better
  • Irregular shapes

What furniture is on trend for 2023? 

In 2023 we'll see design principles that span multiple furniture styles. Expect to discover curved-edge tables, abstract decor shapes and increased use of natural textures like marble, wood, linen and boucle. 

What wall colours will be on trend in 2023?

Expect to see warm tones in 2023 decor when it comes to wall colours. Look out for earthy colour paint in terracotta red, olive green and rich chocolate. These colours are great options for creating cosy living rooms and bedrooms with a relaxing vibe.
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