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6 Corner Sofa Styling Ideas

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Ed Hawes
Corner Sofa Styling Ideas

The sofa is the most important part of any living space. You want it to be comfortable, stylish and as big as possible without dominating the room. In certain rooms, the best way to do this is to go for a corner sofa - making the best possible use of the space available.

 There are other reasons to choose a corner sofa. They create a comfortable space to stretch out for more than one person. They offer a natural conservation or socialising space where people can sit facing each other rather than side by side. Plus, they have the ability to transform the aesthetic and dynamic of any room.

 But, it’s not just a question of sticking a corner sofa in any available 90˚space. You need to think how best to make it the focal part of any design scheme. So, how do you go about styling a corner sofa?

 Here are six of our best corner sofa ideas for your lounge.

1. Use an L-shaped corner sofa as a room divider

If you have a large or open plan living space, a corner sofa is a great way to divide up the room. Use one back edge of the sofa to create an internal ‘wall’, sectioning off the dining or kitchen area from the seating part of the room.

 You can then add side tables, bookshelves or other furniture against this ‘wall’ to reinforce the effect, as well as adding colour, ornaments and useful storage space. The Swyft Model 03 corner sofa modular sofa gives you flexibility in large contemporary spaces to change the layout and design of your living area. The Swyft blog is a great place to find out more about how to arrange your sofa and seating in your living room, maximising space and impact.

2. Simplify your space

Imagine a living space with a simple three seat sofa in and nothing else. It immediately seems stark and bare. But imagine the same space with a corner sofa in and it seems to fill the space in a different way. Corner sofas can change the dynamic of a seating area, allowing you to simplify your space and remove other furniture.

 You can lose other seating, unnecessary side and coffee tables and simply fill your space with a larger corner sofa – pointed at the fire or TV, according to your needs. In this way modern corner sofas can actually be space saving as they free up the need to fill space with other furniture.

3. Mid-century style

The corner sofa really came into its own in the mid-century and modern era. There’s no doubting that corner sofas work better with simple and sleek designs. The cool Scandi appeal of a corner sofa can inform the entire design theme of your living room. Think minimalist chic, plenty of teak and classic mid-century style.

4. Maximise Your Seating with a Chaise Sofa

For small living room ideas with corner sofa, a chaise sofa might be the perfect option. If you have a small living space, corner sofas can feel quite big or bulky. To maximise your seating options while also saving a bit of space, chaise sofas offer the same feel and style, while taking up less space than a traditional L-shaped sofa.

5. Decorate around your sofa

When designing your living space, always start with the sofa. Use the dimensions to inform your bookshelf and storage choices. Pick artwork that matches the size and scale of your artwork. Or choose a coffee table that fits neatly into the natural L-shape of the sofa. This way you can create a harmonious living space where all items seem to fit together.

6. Get cosy with a U-shaped sofa

One of the best things about a large U-shaped sofa is that there is room to really stretch out. A big sofa can easily accommodate the whole family sprawled out in front of a movie. So why not go big on the coziness factor? Add plenty of big cushions, blankets, and throws for added comfort, with warm and low-level lighting options.

 Think about comfort materials too. Soft fabric sofas or velvet finishes can make a corner sofa even more appealing and comfortable.


If you would like to know more about how to get the right corner sofa for you, check out this handy blog and corner sofa buying guide from Swyft. 

And if you decide on something from the Swyft corner sofas range, you will enjoy a 24h sofa delivery service and a flat packed design, which makes it quick and convenient to get the sofa of your dreams.

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