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Corner Sofa Buying Guide: Styles, Types & More

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Lottie Leggett
Blue Corner Sofa

Corner sofas are a great way to make a statement and can really transform your living room into a modern and comfortable environment. If you're considering buying a corner sofa, there are many factors you’ll need to take into account to ensure it’s the right type of sofa for your home.

Luckily, we’ve created this complete guide full of everything you need to know about buying corner sofas. From the different types and styles of corner sofas and which sofa is best for you to the general sizes and dimensions and how they're delivered.

Do Corner Sofas Save Space?

Swyft Delivery

Corner sofas provide a great space-saving solution as it allows you to maximise the whole area with seating. If you choose a three-seater and a two-seater sofa to be placed on opposing walls, you’ll likely end up with some dead space in between. While this space can be used for a table, a lamp or a plant, it may be more beneficial to provide some extra seating space with a corner sofa, especially if you’re a very sociable person who often has a lot of guests over.

Corner Sofa Size and Dimensions

Measuring up your space for the corner sofa is a little trickier than a standard two or three-seater sofa simply because there are more dimensions to take note of. Our Model 3 Corner sofas are modular, meaning it’s extremely adaptable and can be customised to fit your space perfectly. You can choose whether there are 2, 3, or 4 seats as well as if it’s a right or left corner. Our Model 03 Corner sofa dimensions are:

  • Arms - W92cm x H71cm x D92cm
  • Middle seat - W70cm x H71cm x D92cm
  • Corner seat - W92cm x H71cm x D92

How to Measure for a Corner Sofa

Before buying a corner sofa, it’s important to make sure that it’ll fit in your home. First, measure the space where you intend the corner sofa to go, making sure the measurements of both the left and the right hand of the sofa will fit. You may also find it useful to use masking tape and mark the area to help you visualise it and get used to the new shape in the space.

As our flat packed corner sofas arrive in a series of easy to lift boxes, you won’t need to measure doorways, lifts or hallways as they are guaranteed to fit. They’re also incredibly easy to assemble since the modules can fit together and be taken apart instantly, making them very flexible and easy to place.

What are the Different Types of Corner Sofas?

Corner sofas come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes so it’s important to learn which type of corner sofa is right for you.

L-shaped corner sofas

L-shaped corner sofas have one edge that’s shorter than the other and are the most common corner sofa types.

U-shaped corner sofas

Stylish and modern, the U-shaped corner sofas are rising in popularity as they utilise seating space, makes your living room look bigger and allows the corner seat to be used more comfortably.

Symmetrical corner sofas

Symmetrical corner sofa - Swyft Model 03

Where the L-shaped corner sofa has one side bigger than the other, a symmetrical corner sofa gives an even amount of space on both sides and is a more traditional style of sofa.

Modular/sectional sofas

Blue velvet modular sofa - Swyft Model 03

Modular, or sectional, sofas allow you to customise the shape and size of your corner sofa for it to fit perfectly in your space by choosing each module. If you’re feeling bold you can even choose different coloured modules for a totally unique sofa.

Chaise sofas

Chaise fabric modular sofa - Swyft Model 03

A chaise corner sofa is ideal for smaller spaces as they are fairly compact. While it doesn't necessarily provide extra seating space, it’s designed more to allow you to put your feet up and lounge comfortably. You will find 3 seater left or right chaise corner sofas within our collections and any number of seaters within our modular sofas collections.

Corner sofa beds

A corner sofa bed is typically the same shape and style as the L-shaped corner sofa but can fold out into a bed for any guests needing to stay the night. These sofa beds come in single or double sizes and often provide extra storage space too.

Left Hand or Right Hand Facing Corner Sofas?

There’s often a lot of confusion surrounding left or right-hand facing corner sofas, especially when buying online when you’re looking at pictures from a different perspective. However, this really only applies when buying an L-shaped corner sofa, a chaise corner sofa or a corner sofa bed as they are asymmetrical and the last thing you want is your sofa sticking out the wrong way!

Our best advice would be to thoroughly read the description and the dimensions of the sofa to find out whether it’s left-hand or right-hand facing. If it’s still not clear, then give the customer service team a call where they’ll be happy to help. Of course, if you’re buying a Swyft modular sofa you have the ability to adjust each module of the sofa once it’s in your home to your liking.

Are Corner Sofas Delivered in Two Parts

Most corner sofas are delivered in two parts to make it easier to manoeuvre through doors and up any potential stairs. However, some are delivered as a whole so be sure to check this before you buy and be fully prepared.

At Swyft, we’ve made the delivery of your sofas as easy as possible. All of our sofas arrive flat packed in a series of easy-to-lift boxes so you’ll never have to worry about it fitting through doorways or struggle to carry it. Plus, they can be assembled quickly in just a few simple steps that require no tools so the entire experience is stress and hassle-free.

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Where is the Best Place for a Corner Sofa?

When it comes to corner sofas there are a couple of places in your home where they would work very well.

Living room corner sofa

The most obvious place to put your corner sofa is in the living room for the whole family to enjoy while watching TV or having a relaxed Sunday afternoon. Corner sofas in the living room will create a great focal point, add a touch of modernity and make the space look and feel bigger.

Kitchen corner sofa

For those with an open plan kitchen/dining room, it’s become popular to have a corner sofa along a back wall to create a comfortable lounge space. This is ideal for when you have guests over for a catch-up or to relax after a big meal.

For more sofa inspiration take a look at our top 9 modern and contemporary sofa types and shapes.

Also, if you’re planning on going for a grey colour scheme, read our guide on how to style a grey sofa to discover some great tips and ideas.

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