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7 Reasons Why Small Bedside Tables are Perfect for Minimalist Bedrooms

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Ed Hawes
minimalist bedrooms

As the world becomes ever more cluttered and overwhelming, the need and desire for minimalist space continue to build momentum. The minimalist movement offers a refreshing approach to design, style, and intentional lifestyles. And, although the trend has been prominent for years, it’s showing little sign of changing – we’ve even featured it in Swyft’s interior trends for 2024

At its core, minimalism is driven by simplicity and functionality, creating a calm and relaxing space to live in. One space in the home where the design style can be applied is the bedroom. The bedroom is a place to relax, unwind, and ultimately sleep, so a minimalist bedroom will help embody the style’s key elements to the room’s intended use. 

Minimalist bedrooms promote clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and intentional functionality with a lack of clutter. That's why a small bedside table is the perfect furniture item for minimalist bedrooms. The philosophy is about having less *and* a small bedside table offers just that - it's functional without compromising on style.

Here, we share seven reasons why small bedside tables are perfect for those with minimalist bedrooms. 

  1. Space optimisation 

Minimalism is about the liberation of spaces, a celebration of decluttering, and where simplicity is king. And a bedside table embodies that entire ethos. 

In a minimalist bedroom, each piece of furniture has its place. And a small bedside table is no exception. It’s compact efficiency at its best. The furniture pieces are usually small and unassuming; they integrate into the space without being overpowering and can come with built-in storage and drawers, ensuring they are functional and intended.  

  1. Purposeful design 

In minimalist bedrooms, purposeful design with intent should be the focus. All elements within the room should serve a specific role and contribute to the simplicity and functionality of the space. 

Small bedside tables are unassuming with an efficient and purposeful design. They offer a dedicated space for essential items without creating clutter or mess. Small bedside tables fit seamlessly next to the bed, providing a space to store books, magazines, side table lamps, and a place to charge phones when sleeping. The design of a small bedside table is compact, efficient, and purposeful. 

  1. Versatility in functionality 

Small bedside tables are often multi-functional with shelves, charging points (or situated next to plug sockets), and have built-in storage such as drawers. For a small furniture item, it doesn’t mean that they are limited in functionality. Doubled up as a decorative element it means a bedside table fully embodies minimalist design; it’s beautifully simplistic and decorative, yet practical. 

bedside tables

  1. Natural materials 

In minimalist design, the use of natural materials holds an important role. Natural elements seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic of a space. Small bedside tables are often crafted from natural materials like wood and metal, which aligns perfectly with minimalist principles.

Wood has a warm and organic appeal, which adds a touch of nature to the interior. Metal, however, offers a modern and sleek aesthetic – a cool contrast to wood’s warmth. When put together, the materials offer a versatile minimalist style.

  1. Visual simplicity 

Visual simplicity is not just a preference in minimalism design, but a crucial principle. The ethos of minimalist interiors is the removal of all clutter, and unnecessary items and the creation of a space where simplicity is at its heart and where every component has a purpose. 

With clean, simplistic lines, small bedside tables play an important role in enhancing the visual simplicity of minimalist bedrooms. Bedside tables are unassuming, often a second thought, and are absent of over-the-top detailing, which makes them vital when creating a bedroom with visual simplicity. 

  1. Ease of maintenance

Minimalist interiors are not only about functionality and simplistic design, they are also about maintenance and ease of cleanliness. A small bedside table embodies just that; often they are designed with open space and surface areas that are easy to reach and maintain. And with that, they align with the practical side of minimalist design. 

  1. Personalisation without overwhelm 

Just because your bedroom embodies minimalist design doesn’t mean it should lack personality. Personality makes the space truly yours, so it shouldn’t be sacrificed. One of the areas where you can add personality is with a bedside table – whether it’s using colour, material, or design, a bedside table can marry personality with minimalism perfectly. You can also use its surface area to add small artwork or prints that echo key personal moments.  

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How do you make a bedside table with no room?

Making a bedside table with no room can be a challenge. However, there are a few creative solutions that we can recommend. 

  1. Add wall-mounted shelves that are near the bed and easily accessible at night. A clean, minimalist design that can house books, magazines, water, and a lamp. 
  2. Floating shelves are similar to the option above and equally as functional.
  3. Under-bed storage is an effective alternative to a bedside table. It’s a great way to make use of empty, unused space. 
  4. A bedside ledge that sits on top of the headboard is a creative way to make use of the bed’s frame. 
  5. Although not the most aesthetically pleasing, a bedside caddy can act as a practical storage unit.

Do bedrooms need side tables?

Bedrooms don’t necessarily need side tables, but they can be an incredibly effective use of space. As mentioned above, bedside tables are practical and functional, whilst positively impacting the bedroom’s overall aesthetic. When deciding on whether to add side tables to your bedroom, consider storage needs 

How small can a bedside table be?

There’s no strict limit on how small a bedside table can be. It’s down to the availability of space, personal preference, and functional needs. When choosing a bedside table, consider design, functionality, and practicalities.

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