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7 tips on how to make a rented house a home

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Ed Hawes
7 tips on how to make a rented house a home

Rented accommodation, it’s a huge part of many people’s lives. Almost everyone has done it at some stage: whether it be through Uni, during your twenties or up until your late thirties and beyond. In fact, population rent is vast, 20% of UK households rent (in London that figure jumps to 29%). Types of rentals come in various forms: from terrace houses and bungalows to high-rise apartments and maisonettes. Rentals come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to try and make it your own.

If you’ve ever read through the entirety of your rental terms, you’ll notice there’s a lot you can’t do to the property. One of the more popular restrictions is no nails, screws or new holes in the walls. This is one of many examples where the landlord makes it extremely difficult to personalise your home and make it feel warm and inviting.

Fear not tenants, we’ve come up with seven tips on how to make your rented house a home – without annoying or upsetting your landlord.

1. Find a staple furniture item and build from it

Many rentals don’t come furnished – if this is true for you, here’s the perfect opportunity to post a non-permanent personality stamp on your home.

To do this, take one room at a time and buy a key furniture item for that room .i.e. sofa, bed, wardrobe, kitchen table etc. You can use this furniture item as a guide and foundation to help plan and build the rest of the room’s interior. For example, a velvet teal 3 seater sofa, means the colour scheme for the room will need to be set against the teal. It will also help with accessories, balancing, setting the mood, and layering.

2. Bring the outside in

Plants can transform a room – adding life to any interior, literally. Not only are indoor plants proven to be incredible for overall health; shown to increase mood, creativity and reduce stress, they are also an inexpensive way of adding personality to your rented home.

Plant pots are also a really creative way to help add character and mood into your home without permanent scarring to the interior. For indoor plant ideas, check out our friends at Patch who are doing an incredible job at bringing the outside in.

3. Paint the walls

Check with your landlord first, but changing up the walls with a dash of paint could do wonders to the room. Even if it’s just a statement wall or a change to the hallway or bannister. The change might be ever-so slight, but the end result could be a game changer.

And, if you can’t paint the walls, paint the furniture.

4. Wall art (without holes)

As we’ve already covered: screws, nails and holes in the walls can be a major issue for landlords. However, artwork or wall art is a great way to highlight or showcase your personality. Therefore, if you can’t bang a nail into the walls then why not get creative and place the items around the house: on the window sill, shelves, the fireplace, or on the floor balanced against the wall.

5. Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is a major part of creating an atmosphere in any room. The key is to not rely on ceiling lamps and to open up the windows to encourage as much natural light as you can. Make sure you add an array of floor lamps, table lamps and candles to help create the mood you want. Having lamps at different levels helps balance and layer to the room, creating depth and interest.

6. Buy rugs

Add a dash of pattern or colour to any room with a rug or two. There are thousands of rug variations, so you are guaranteed to find one to fit your room, style and personality.

7. Invest in items that’ll last

Lastly, add items to your home which have sentimental value and that are forever items. These items will impact the room so much more than throwaway accessories. Items that will last for years to come are a must for those wanting to make a rental property home.

Whether your home comes furnished or unfurnished, is a terrace house or high-rise apartment, it’s important to make it a home. If you enjoyed this, you might also like ‘how to style your living room’ for more styling techniques.

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