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12 Creative Ways to Utilise Your Side Table

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Ed Hawes
retro sofa and side table

Side tables are a unique and versatile furniture item. Not only are they a perfect decorative piece, but they double up as a functional place to host lamps, magazines, and books. What if coffee tables were used in a more creative way than usual ?
Here, we share with you 12 ways to use a coffee table according to the needs of your home:

  1. Plant home
  2. Reading nook 
  3. Art display 
  4. Craft station 
  5. Coffee holder 
  6. Nightstand – an alternative to a bedside table 
  7. Hallway organiser 
  8. Game board table 
  9. Dressing table or vanity station 
  10. Decorative or seasonal display 
  11. Technology area 
  12. Bar storage

Plant home 

First thing first, a plant stand. Arguably one of the most important uses for a side table, it acts as an ideal spot to house (some of) your beloved plants. Indoor plants offer huge benefits to our mind, body, and soul –  it’s been proven time and time again. So, a collection of plants on a side table will not only create a decorative dash of colour to your room, but will present a refreshing environment to relax in. 

Reading nook 

We love a reading nook – you simply can’t beat a corner hidden in the home, specifically manufactured for reading. Aside from a comfy armchair, a reading nook is not complete without a side table. It can be used to stack books – acting as a physical ‘to read list’ – or somewhere to rest a tea or coffee while you read. Add a small table lamp to ensure you’ve got an optimal amount of light when reading. 

Art display 

Use a side table to display artwork, framed prints or wall art. You can use the pieces to add personality to your room and showcase your favourite artists. Photography and sculptures would also work well in this setup, which can be changed over time like seasonal pieces.  

A craft station 

If crafts are your thing then look no further than a craft station. A side table can be the perfect place to store and display your crafting supplies. Use jars and small baskets as organisers that can house fabrics, stationery, paints, and brushes. Nestled next to an occasional chair, a side table craft station can act as an ideal and effective area to carry out your hobby.

Coffee holder 

If you’re a caffeine addict, a coffee holder might be a good way to make use of your side table. Occupy the space with a coffee machine, a collection of your favourite coffee beans, and mugs. If you prefer tea over coffee then use the side table as a place to store a selection of tea bags. 

Nightstand – an alternative to a bedside table 

A small, well-designed nightstand might be a good alternative to a bedside table for bedrooms where space is a premium. The table should be just about the right size to house a small side table lamp, a book, and an alarm clock. 

Hallway organiser 

The hallway is often seen as an empty space – a place in the home that we walk through and forget about. A side table can be an ideal hallway organiser to place items that are only needed when leaving the home. Add a decorative bowl to the surface of the side table so you can place keys, posts, sunglasses, and magazines. You are guaranteed to never lose your keys again, fact. 

Game board table 

A side table can be used as a game board storage unit. If you play board games often, then having the games to hand, within reach, is paramount. Instead of rummaging through the attic or garage to find your favourite games, you can have them in direct eyesight in the living room. Perfect for impromptu game nights. 

Dressing table 

If you don’t have space in your bedroom for a full-sized dressing table, a side table could be the answer. Add a mirror to the top of the side table, or hang one from the wall, and use the drawer as a place to store makeup, brushes, and beauty products. 

Decorative or seasonal display 

Use a side table as a decorative display unit – one that adds to the room’s colour scheme or interior style. Add decorative objects, seasonal flowers or plants, season diffusers or candles, and seasonally themed objects. The side table can be seen as a place to relax and reflect on the time of year. For example, a bunch of daffodils in spring or a scented candle during autumn. 

chesterfield sofa and side table

Technology area 

If you need somewhere that is more functional than the selection of ideas above, then how about a technology hub? A place to store gadgets, spare wires and chargers, old phones, and the TV remote. Or it can be used as a place to charge phones, laptops, and tablets, so they are ready to be used when needed. 

A bar 

A side table can double up as a mini bar. Transform the side table into an area to house your favourite liquors, spirits, and wine. Place a tray on the side table’s surface to hold glasses and frequented bottles. The lower shelf can be used to store other supplies like mixers and garnish. A minibar is guaranteed to ease the stresses that come with hosting. 

In short, a side table doesn’t have to be used traditionally. It’s a versatile furniture piece that can be used creatively to fit your needs and lifestyle.

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