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Why are upholstered beds so popular?

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Lottie Leggett
upholstered beds

Here’s a fun fact to pull out at your next pub quiz: the average adult spends around a third of their life sleeping. That's a pretty significant portion of shut-eye! We’re all clued up on how important it is to get enough hours of sleep, but when was the last time you thought about the quality of your sleep? 

person sleeping in bed under duvet

Investing in a really decent quality bed is one of the best things you can do for your overall wellbeing. In this guide, Swyft’s in-house design and interiors expert Ben White weighs in on exactly what makes this type of bed so popular, so you can decide for yourself if an upholstered bed is right for you. 

Materials and fabrics

At the core of any upholstered bed is the choice of fabric. Upholstery is defined as “a soft, padded textile covering that is fixed to furniture such as armchairs and sofas”. This can include a combination of fabric, padding, webbing or springs when it comes to upholstered bed types. 

Bed 01 upholstered bed in Mustard


Design expert Ben adds: “Pulled button headboards, with their simplicity and small nods to traditional design, still sit well in modern interiors. The button detail draws the eye in without being too ostentatious Opting for laidback linen in this style can provide calmness and serenity in the room. Or alternatively, a centre-stage bold velvet adds bags of personality to the bedroom”.


In short- upholstered beds are super comfortable. If you’re the type of sleeper who likes watching TV, reading or treating yourself to breakfast in bed on a weekend, upholstered beds offer that extra layer of squishy support that others can’t provide without awkwardly propping up pillows.

tea and breakfast bowl on tray in bed

Shape and design

This is where upholstered beds are really versatile. There’s an upholstered bed shape that’ll work for every bedroom, no matter what your interior style and preferences are. Upholstery techniques are individual in their look, and some shapes like winged headboards only really work with fabric beds. Opening yourself up to the possibility of an upholstered bed means more choice and more chance of finding your perfect place to snooze.

velvet upholstered bed in Vine green

Curved and winged headboards have a European sensibility that has been spilling into British interiors over the last decade or so. The clean lines and organic shape are pleasing to the eye and can often create an impression of space and authentic grandeur, without being flashy. Having your bed on a raised plinth is not only practical for storage but also continues the story of space, allowing light to reach underneath”, says interiors expert, Ben.


More often than not, upholstered beds are made with solid wood frames. Whilst this makes for a style statement in itself, it’s also really practical. Having a hardwood base on your upholstered bed means it’ll really stand the test of time compared to materials like MDF. 

Ben adds: “From a practical perspective if you choose the right fabric, upholstered beds are much more durable as they’re not liable to chipping”.

On top of this, upholstered beds usually come in much less parts than their metal and wood counterparts, making for stress-free assembly. Swyft's Bed 01 and Bed 02 have made it even easier, with an innovative Swyft-lok system which totally eliminates the need for any tools or screws. Nice one.

person reading a book in bed


Upholstered beds serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. From living in rentals with crappy divans or mass-manufactured timber beds, investing in an upholstered bed and headboard allows you to inject some softness and personality into your bedroom, without losing out on function”, adds Ben. We couldn’t agree more. Happy snoozing!

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