Small space living: 10 tips on how to make your room feel bigger

Small space living: 10 tips on how to make your room feel bigger

For many cosmopolitans, small space living is the only option. With the increase in house and rental prices pushing city dwellers out into the suburbs, those craving a city centre buzz are moving into smaller properties.

When it comes to furnishing a small interior, we don’t believe in making sacrifices. You can still take big interior ideas and use them in a small living space. You will just need a tad of forward planning and some handy hacks. 

So if you’re looking for ways to optimise the small space you’re living in or you want to make your space functional but create a grandeur, more open feel, look no further. We asked interior Instagrammers @Hawely_Home and @PinkandRegate to share their top tips.

First up, here's @Hawely_Home's thoughts:  

1) Utilise the space
Play around with furniture combinations, sometimes the most obvious solution isn't the best. Mark out large pieces of furniture using tape on the floor, to make sure the room flows before putting furniture in place. 

2) Colour 

It's generally well known that light colours will make a room feel bigger and brighter. Dark colours tend to absorb light. However, don't be scared to experiment with colour through accessories and textiles. Colour can be introduced with pillows, cushions, throw and artwork.

3) Make use of height

As mentioned in our styling
blog, using height helps balance the room as well as making the room feel bigger. For example, the use of floating shelves are a great way to display ornaments or home decor accessories without taking up any floor space. 

4) Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of more space in a small room. Using focal points like a chimney breast to place a mirror will have a huge impact on the room’s size.

5) Declutter 
A good deep clean and declutter is not only good for the soul, but it’s a great way to create the illusion of more space. 

6) Furniture 
Choosing the right furniture for your space is incredibly important. A sofa or armchair which sits on raised legs not only creates a sense of light and space, it also creates room for storage underneath the sofa. The same can be said for raised bookcases and shelves. 

7) Natural light

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with south facing rooms, so make clever choices with your how you dress your window. Sheer drapes are an incredible way to let light into a room without giving up your privacy.  

8) Continuity 

Match the main furniture items in the room to the colour of the wall. This will ensure it blends in, creating a greater sense of space. Of course, a few statement pieces can be added to help inject character and personality.

9) Painted ceilings
Yes, you've heard me right. Believe it or not, it’s very on trend at the moment - painted or wallpapered ceilings are popping up all over Instagram. This trick helps drive your eyes upward, instantly creating an illusion of high ceilings. 

10) Lighting 
Aside from the obvious ceiling light, fixtures such as wall lights, floor and table lamps, candles and spot lights can amplify the sense of the space. Especially if you have the light directed to the right spot. 



We then spoke to interior Instagrammer @PinkandRedgate for a more personal guide on she organises space in her home:  

“We live in a 1920s terrace, so as I’m sure you can imagine, when it comes to storage we have to utilise every space (the house came with no built-in cupboards!). This has meant, we’ve had to think creatively about where we store items and how we use the space. 

  • Hall-robes: we have two of them - one in the living-room alcove for garden cushions and one on the hall landing for towels, bedding, candles and home diffusers.
  • Bookcases: I love to read so I created a cosy nook using my Swyft armchair with some mood lighting and flowers. The alcove in the living room was perfect for this. 
  • Shelving: We have a galley kitchen, it’s very small so we had to utilise every space. We created shelving from scaffolding boards, and built a small table using this too.
  • Galley Kitchen: Because of the small kitchen we keep our fridge and tumble dryer under the stairs with some pantry shelves for cereals & pastas. 
  • Office space: In another small alcove in the dining area, we built a desk space from the leftover scaffolding boards we had used as kitchen shelves. 
  • Dressing room: We are currently turning the second spare room into a dressing room. With two rails built into each alcove to give us space and easy access to our clothes.”

We’d love to see how you make use of your small space and the techniques you’re using to create a greater sense of space. Tag us in your photos on Instagram: @swyft_home, we might even share some. 

Looking for more inspiration? Here’s our tips on how we style our photoshoots - which can be used as a starting block to style your own home. Or head to @Hawely_Home and @PinkandRegate’s Instagram pages for daily home decor ideas. 

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