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Reasons to buy refurbished furniture

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Olivia Lowry
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We get it - redecorating an existing room or furnishing a new place is a big deal. A lot of us at Swyft have moved house this year, and we understand how much the costs can rack up. 

Refurbished sofas are a great option if your budget’s tight, but you don’t want to compromise on style (no offence to your parent’s hand-me-down 90’s sofa!). Here’s our guide to certified refurbished furniture, why it’s a good idea, and what you should look out for before making the leap into second-hand.

Reasons to buy refurbished

1. Value for money

Moving house is a really budget-squeezing time. Everyone wants their place to look great, and it’s often better to budget for long-lasting items that you’ll keep for years to come. Going for a refurbished sofa means you’ll be able to stretch that budget further, getting a higher quality product at a more pocket-friendly cost.

2. Environmentally friendly

Buying refurbished means you’re saving a product from going to waste. Shockingly, 22 million pieces of usable furniture are discarded each year in the UK*. Refurbished products help to extend the lifecycle of furniture even more. Essentially, it boils down to keeping products out of landfill for as long as possible. Combining long-lasting quality with carefully refurbished techniques is much better for the environment overall.

*Source: North London Waste Authority, 2021 report.

3. Opens up new interior possibilities

We’re big fans of thrifting for homeware. There’s nothing quite as exciting as discovering a great find that’s totally unique. By browsing a smaller selection of refurbished furniture, you’ll start to think about the interior look you’re creating in more detail. You might spot a refurbished sofa in a bold colour you hadn’t considered, and end up loving it. We love the idea of making the same exciting interior discoveries and how they can inspire the decor for the rest of a room.

Swyft certified refurbished

Shop sofas, beds and more in our certified refurbished collection. We take product returns and carefully refurbish them for resale, so they're good as new. To shop the discounted collection, tap here.


What is a refurbished sofa?

Refurbished sofas are second-hand sofas that have been restored. This usually involves cleaning, restitching and reupholstering, with the aim of bringing the sofa back to looking as new as possible.

Is buying second-hand furniture sustainable?

Buying second-hand furniture is a sustainable option because it keeps products out of landfill for longer. In short - using an existing product rather than producing a new one is always more sustainable.

Does buying a refurbished sofa help the environment?

Buying a refurbished sofa rather than a new one helps the environment as it reduces waste.


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