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Playfulism: How To Introduce The Interior Trend Into Your Home

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Emily Robinson
pink sofa

If your interior style is all about being fun and creative with your space then you’re going to love the emerging 2024 trend, Playfulism.

With curves, waves and luxe finishes, Playfulism takes inspiration from the Art Deco era. The trend combines a pastel colour palette with deep textures, allowing you to embrace your inner child and design a home full of personality and uplifiting sentiment. In this blog, we look at what Playfulism is and explore a few ways you can start to introduce it into your home.

Keep those rose-tinted glasses on because this interior style is all about leading with blush, a pink colour palette. If you’ve seen our recent Pastel Clashes blog you’d know that pastels are making a comeback like never before, particularly after Dulux named ‘Sweet Embrace’ as its colour of the year 2024; a delicate pink pastel colour. Interior designer, Kelly Collins, recommends “Mixing pastel colours with pops of brighter tones can inject energy and vibrancy into your space while maintaining a soft and soothing ambiance. By incorporating a combination of muted pastels such as pale pink, baby blue, and soft mint with bold accents like vibrant coral, sunny yellow, or electric teal, you can create a visually striking yet balanced look.”

Get playful with dimensions and shapes. Curved pieces have come in and out of style since the Art Deco era – but balancing curvaceous elements, with a boxy-like structure, creates a fun and playful atmosphere. It also feels modern and contemporary. 

The slouchier the better: opt for a low-profile sofa as it feels relaxed and informal. The low arms on our Model 07 and Model 05 sofas make this the ideal subtle nod towards Playfulism.

Playfulism is about experimenting with textures. Successful interiors merge the rough with the refined, polished with raw, and matte with sheen elements so when considering adopting this trend, use a range of different materials to add character. Kelly states: “Create visual interest and depth through texture layering. Mix and match different textures, such as plush fabrics like velvet, natural fibers like linen or jute, and smooth finishes like ceramic or glass. For example, pair a soft pastel pink velvet sofa with a chunky knit throw and a woven jute rug to add dimension to your living room. Experimenting with textures not only adds tactile appeal but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.”

Get quirky with your wall art or prints. There’s no better way to add playfulness to your home than incorporating prints that express your personality. If maximalism isn’t your interior style then this is a great way to introduce colour and inject life into your space without going full speed ahead. We recommend Jaune 01 and Etude Vert if you like your artwork more funky and abstract, whereas Dancing Framed and Sunbi 02 integrate the rose colour palette. 

Are you ready to incorporate some of these playful elements into your home? We recommend starting small, and building up to create a space that's not only stylish but also filled with joy and personality.

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