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Staying in check: gingham decor

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Olivia Lowry
Staying in check: gingham decor

PSA: this checked trend isn’t just for your grandma’s kitchen tablecloth anymore. Gingham’s back and it’s giving us all the cottage core feels. The century-old design is a favourite with our team here at Swyft, so we’ve rounded up some of our top gingham homeware picks for you to get this square situation sorted.

Piglet In Bed gingham linen and Swyft Model 02 bed

Linen Pillowcases Pair / Piglet In Bed

We’re a little bit obsessed with these gingham linen pillowcases from our friends over at Piglet In Bed, shown here on Swyft Bed 02. Combining these with a contrasting block colour duvet, or even another shade of gingham really brightens up the bedroom for summer. Lovely stuff.

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Gingham lampshade


Box Pleat Gingham Lampshade / Etsy

Available in 3 classic gingham shades of green, red or blue, this lampshade’s perfectly pleated and can be used for tabletop lamps, ceiling lights or sconces- it’s up to you. This shade ships directly from Etsy via independent creator laampshades, and comes in sizes from small to large. 

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Gingham cutlery

Sabre Gingham Cutlery Set / David Shuttle

I don’t know about you, but when I think of gingham my first thought is of summer picnics. There’s literally nothing better on a summery day, especially if you bring this cutlery set from David Shuttle to your next park outing. Someone pass us a plate, please?

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Gingham tiles

Handmade Reclaimed Tile / Maitland & Poate

For a Mediterranean vibe, these handmade reclaimed tiles from artisans Maitland & Poate are a great inspiration for a bathroom or kitchen refresh if you’re after a bigger project. These refurbished tiles originate from old properties in Andalucia, meaning each one is completely unique- a brilliant way to more sustainably redecorate.

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Gingham rug

Mini Gingham Rug / Glassette

If you’re not quite feeling the leap of changing up your bathroom flooring with tiles, a checked bath mat or rug might be in order. This gingham-inspired rug comes from Glassette and at just 39 x 59cm, it’s a brilliant playful pop of pint-sized colour. 


Gingham towel

Celeste Bath Towel / END

We can’t decide whether we want to bring this to the beach or give it pride of place on the bathroom towel rail. This iconic flower design is a new take on traditional gingham checks, brought to you by the ever-popular Studio KJP in bath-towel-form.

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