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Moving house checklist & tips

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Ed Hawes
moving house

Moving house famously requires a lot of planning, organisation and preparation. In fact, the more thought you put into your move before the big day, the smoother your relocation is likely to go. To help you get it just right, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist for your next move.

Prior to moving day checklist

The best way to reduce the stress of moving house is to tackle as many jobs as possible in advance. The more packing, cleaning and admin you can take care of before moving day rolls around, the better.

1. Disassemble sofas for moving ahead of time

Although giving up your comfy 2 or 3-seater – even temporarily - may be a wrench, if you can disassemble your sofa for moving in advance, it will make life a lot easier on moving day.

2. Check furnishings fit through doors and hallways

Swyft moving boxes

If you have a large sofa – or any other oversized furnishings - it’s important to check you can move them through your halls and doorways without getting stuck. If you’ve invested in a Swyft sofa, this shouldn’t be a problem as Swyft lock technology for easy assembly & disassembly is included in our beautifully designed products.

If you can’t get your old sofa out of your living room, or you just feel it’s time for a change, use our sofa delivery and old sofa removal service to get rid of your old furnishing and give your new living space a stylish new seating area.

3. Clean and declutter

Having a deep clean and declutter before moving day will help to minimise the amount of furnishings and belongings you need to transport. The more brutal you are when it comes to throwing stuff out, the easier your move will be.

4. Start packing

moving boxes

This is also a good time to start packing. Put any belongings you won’t need for the next few days or weeks into boxes to get them out of the way and start the moving process.

5. Notify official organisations of your change of address

When moving house, it’s important to notify official organisations, like the bank, DVLA, Post Office and your doctor’s surgery, of your change of address.

6. Cancel your contracts

You’ll also need to get in touch with the companies that supply your utilities, like your gas, electricity and broadband, to let them know you’re moving.

Moving day checklist

Even if you tackle a lot of your admin in advance, there’s always going to be a lot to do on moving day itself. Here are our top moving home tips to help minimise stress and keep things on track.

1. Make a ‘To Do’ list

to do list

One of the first things you should do on moving day is write a To Do list. This will help to get your mind on the task in hand and ensure you don’t overlook a thing.

2. Pack your valuables

Putting your valuables somewhere safe will help to keep them out of harm’s way and ensure you know exactly where to find them at the end of the day.

3. Get packing

Whether you’ve hired professional movers or are packing your property yourself, now is the time to put everything in boxes and load them into the waiting van.

4. Clean

dust pan and brush

Once the house is empty, you’ll need to give all rooms a hoover and clean. This is especially important if you’re renting.

5. Take photos of empty rooms

Take photos of empty rooms to prove you’ve cleared and cleaned the space.

Our home moving tips

Here are a few extras from our moving house checklist to help keep you on track.

Don’t do it all on one day

If possible, try to overlap your tenancies - or house sale and purchase - by a few days. This will take the pressure off your move and give you plenty of time for packing and cleaning.

Lists are your friends

Making lists is a great way to get organised and think things through in a logical and methodical way. Make lists of the organisations you need to notify, the belongings you need to pack and the people you need to deal with.

Use professional movers

Though it will add a bit of expense to your moving budget, using professional movers really will help to make the process easier. Get a few different quotes in the weeks before you move to find the company that’s right for you.

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