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Model 07: an interview with the designer

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Olivia Lowry
Model 07: an interview with the designer

Hello, Model 07! We’re pleased to announce a brand-new sofa style that combines traditional design with contemporary comfort. This week, we caught up with furniture designer Andre Faustino to find out more about Model 07 and what inspired its creation. Here's what he had to say.

Why did Swyft make the Model 07?

Essentially, it was about expanding our offering. The Model 07 adds a brand new style to our range that we think will be really popular. We know how important it is to consumers that sofas need to look and feel comfortable, so the challenge was how we could do this, whilst maintaining that element of looking slick, that we’re known for now. We learnt loads throughout the production of our last model, 06, which had split elements as a modular sofa. We’ve applied new techniques from that to create a standalone sofa in a different style. It’s all about innovating and having our own factory means we can be pretty quick on our feet when new ideas come to mind.

How would you describe the Model 07 design?

The seating area is soft and made out of a carefully curated combination of foam and hollow fibre that has a spring-back quality. This makes it super low maintenance, it retains its shape really well. Because comfort was high on the agenda with this one we added rectangular-shaped lumbar cushions to support the small of your back. They’re not super intrusive that they take up half the seating area, but they’re enough to notice a difference in comfort level when you sit back. I’m confident this paired with a higher back is going to be really popular.

sloped arm sofa lumbar cushion sofa velvet sofa velvet fabric sofa upholstered sofa contemporary sofa modern sofa

Was there anything that inspired the Model 07 design?

In terms of its style, the Model 07 actually takes inspiration from tried-and-tested classic looks. A lot of it derives from the curved arm shape which you’ll see in sofa and furniture designs as far back as 100 or 200 years. What we’ve done is modernise it, so it’s guaranteed to look great in homes, and so works with the no-tools approach that the Swyft-lok fastenings give. It’s a hybrid design in the way traditional proportions have been mixed with that contemporary softness that consumers look for now.

Model 07 sofa furniture design sofa design sofa with sloped arms classic sofa design contemporary sofa design classic furniture

How long has it taken to design the Model 07?

We’re known for moving pretty fast when it comes to design, manufacturing, prototyping and testing. For the Model 07, I’d estimate it’s taken us about 4-5 months, end to end. Of course, having our own dedicated teams and factory over in Portugal makes this process a lot quicker. We’re constantly testing, learning and adjusting.

What type of home do you see the Model 07 in?

Honestly, I think it lends itself to most interior styles. We’re seeing a lot of homeowners want something that’s timeless in style (take the resurgence in mid-century modern, for example). For this reason, it’d look great in a renovated period home. The sleek nature of it though also makes it a great option for bringing a bit of elegance to a new build or apartment. It’s a really versatile design and I’m looking forward to seeing how our customers style it - it’s always great to see designs out in the wild!

Swyft’s Model 07 will be available in 2 seater, 3 seater and armchair options, with the addition of a matching ottoman. The solid wood frame comes with Swyft’s 15-year guarantee as standard, and all fabrics are guaranteed for 2 years.

What is the benefit of an angled seat?

Sofas with angled seats like the Model 07 allow you to sit back deeper into the back cushions, creating a different level of comfort. Angled seats are aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical. 

What is a sloped arm sofa?

Sofas with sloped arms are exactly that - a sofa whereby the design of the arms follows a curve, rather than an angular, level shape. Sloped armed sofas usually have arms that start higher at the back of the sofa, and gently curve downwards towards the front. 

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