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“It’s Corona time!”: Tik Tok, Loves and Hates

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Antonio Wedral
“It’s Corona time!”: Tik Tok, Loves and Hates

Tik Tok is “short-form mobile videos” for dance, comedy, lip-sync and talent. It’s a celebratory forum of creativity and talent, giving (mostly) teenagers a platform to share visual expression.

The platform is one of the few benefiting from a global lockdown, with downloads up 5% for March when compared to February. It’s reached new audiences by knocking down gender and age barriers and, as a result, moving away from a 16-24 year old female demographic.

Why? Tik Tok is the Internet at its best. It’s addictive. It’s a dopamine release, which inspires creative thinking. We’ve had more time than ever before to scroll and to search for escapism. Tik Tok gives us just that.

If you’re looking for some light entertainment from the comfort of your sofa, give Tik Tok a download. But first, here’s our loves and hates:


Comedy is one of Tik Tik’s biggest draws, especially for the app’s newer audiences. Ideal if you’re looking for a free laugh. From your everyday pranks to tricking parents and grandparents into telling dirty jokes.

Anyone can be a creative videographer using the app. In fact, it’s a platform which encourages and applauds this type of content.

Each video is less than 15 seconds long, so you can absorb a vast amount of content in a short period of time. Instant gratification at its finest.

It’s interactive. The app’s top content creators challenge the users to learn and share their interpretations of specific dances and balancing acts. There are also challenges to highlight singing talent.

The algorithm caters towards users with little-to-no followers. Content can get a huge number of views or likes even if the user has no followers. If you want to be the next Chase Hudson or Charli D’Amelio, Tik Tok is the one.


It’s addictive. You open the app and will only emerge hours later with nothing really to show for it. (maybe a new dance routine).

Apart from that, we don’t hate anything. Nothing at all. It’s harmless escapism, which we’re all in need of right now. Agreed?

If Tik Tok isn’t really your thing, or you need to up your comfyness levels to help you enjoy the endless scrolling, click here to browse our Model 01 collection.

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