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6 ways to make your bedroom feel cosier this autumn

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Olivia Lowry
bed with cushions

Summer has officially left the building. Winter coats are coming out from hibernation, and it’s the first time the weather app’s shown temperatures sub-10c for a good while. Pumpkin-spiced everything has taken over the high street, and it’s just about time for my summer duvet to make way for my winter one. 

One of my favourite things about autumn is getting the house feeling cosy. Cranking up the heating isn’t the only way to add warmth to your bedroom this autumn though. Getting the overall atmosphere right is the first step to achieving certified cosy status. Without further ado, let’s get stuck into this week’s guide on warming up your bedroom this autumn (pumpkin-spiced drinks optional).

1. Autumn-inspired bedroom colours

bedroom with burgundy red walls

Image: @thenordroom

Colour palettes are much more important than most people think, especially when it comes to creating a cosy, autumn-ready bedroom. A truly autumnal palette is earthy - it takes inspiration from the changing leaves and natural surroundings as the weather gets colder. I’m talking rich reds, burnt orange and mellow ochre shades of yellow - all of which are brilliant shades to use in bedrooms. Use these colours to create a feeling of warmth year-round in your bedroom.

For smaller rooms, using warm neutral colours helps keep a light, airy feel throughout darker months. Decorate and furnish your bedroom with creams, beiges and soft browns to help set the foundations for more vibrant autumn-like accents.

2. Creating the most comfortable bed

neutral scandi bedroom decor

Image: @renov8teen

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in knowing that shorter days make me want to stay in bed longer. By the time the clocks have changed, I’ve already transitioned to full winter hibernation mode, slippers and all. Getting your bed ready for autumn can be broken down into two main areas - layering and upholstery choices. Start by pulling out a variety of bedspreads, throws and blankets to create an even cosier, lie-in-worthy bed. Even the addition of one bedspread over a duvet will make your bedroom feel more put-together and will add that bit of extra warmth overnight.

Layering shouldn’t stop at just throws - get creative by adding multiple cushions to make your bedroom feel cosier. Use bigger cushions closest to your pillows, and save the smaller ones for the front. It’s all about creating the illusion of more depth, which makes your bed more inviting - not that it’s hard to say no to a lie in. If a new bed is on the horizon as part of autumn makeover plans, choose upholstered headboards in soft fabrics for extra comfort points.

3. Chunky textiles for cosy bedrooms

throw blanket on yellow velvet bed

Has anyone else let their winter knitwear out of hibernation yet? When you’re trying to cosy up your bedroom, don’t forget that materials matter. In summer I’m a big fan of lightweight, natural materials like linen or cotton - especially for bedsheets. Dive into ultimate comfort and use a combination of wool throws, heavier blankets, soft velvet upholstery and fleece accents. Heavier fabrics make your bedroom feel more hotel-like and keep it warm for autumn at the same time - a win-win. 

Having my morning alarm go off whilst it’s still dark outside is probably my least favourite thing about autumn, second to that feeling of cold as you throw the covers back. In autumn, choose thick-pile rugs to give your feet a much warmer place to land in the months when getting out of bed feels like more of a mission. Layer up dense-pile thicker rugs and tuck one side under the bed to create a clear snoozing zone in your autumn-inspired bedroom.

4. Lighting to create an autumn ambience

bedroom with sconce wall light

It’s autumn, the days are shorter, and the sun’s on annual leave most days - now is not the time for badly lit rooms. We can’t rely on natural light as much in the colder seasons, which is why added light becomes even more important. Ambient lighting is a powerful way to bring warmth to your bedroom, and it doesn’t take much to make an impact. Start by switching to warm-toned lightbulbs, or dimmable fixtures. 

If it’s a cosier vibe you’re after, overhead lighting needs to take a back seat in the bedroom. Scatter lamps at different heights around the room for a soft, inviting glow. Choose ambient lighting over task lighting and go for globe lights, exposed bulbs or warm-toned underlighting in your room. In case the sun does decide to make a last-minute appearance, make sure your blinds or curtains don’t get in the way of letting as much light in as possible during the day.

5. Bedroom scent ideas for autumn


cent ldn candle on bedside table

Candle: @cent.ldn

Some people call it ‘autumn’, I call it ‘candle season’. Creating more warmth in your bedroom isn’t just about how it looks, it’s about tapping into all your other senses too. In summer, fresh florals and zesty citrus fragrances make the ideal pairing for a cooler room. If you’re starting to cosy up your bedroom like us, change these out for woody scents with more depth - amber, cashmere, mahogany and leather are all great options. If you needed a reason to indulge in some scents for this new season, consider this your permission to splurge. 

For scents that last the whole season, think about switching it up with reed diffusers. Choose essential oils like cedarwood, orange and cinnamon for a calming, autumn-like atmosphere in your bedroom. Cosy points, guaranteed.

6. Pocket-friendly ways to make bedrooms warmer

green velvet bed with shelf above headboard

Image: @anotherhousestagram

Obviously, it goes without saying that a cosy bedroom is a warm one. For the best night’s sleep, experts at The Sleep Foundation reckon a room temperature somewhere between 15.6c and 20c is the sweet spot. Save the pennies when you’re cosying up your bedroom by adding a heated electric blanket to your bed, or upgrade your curtains with thermal lining. Older and period houses are prone to draughts, so consider adding door and window draught excluders - these will help to keep the chill out and the cosy feel in.

Making your bedroom feel cosier this autumn is really about two things - aesthetics and comfort. As we roll from autumn into winter, creating a warmer feel inside will make those lazy lie-ins even more enjoyable. Being cosy means something different to everyone, so embrace the autumn and bring your favourite parts of it into your decor, your way.
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