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How to design a home office

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Ed Hawes
home office designs

Need a place to get away from it all? For some of us it’s our home office that provides sanctuary, but especially now during lockdown, the home office can provide a respite from the madness as well as a place to get productive. Whether you need to create a more friendly WFH environment or a place to get away from your loving partner / energetic kids / nosy flatmate to find a moment for yourself, the home office can be there for you.

Make it your own. Just because it’s a home office, doesn’t mean it needs to be sterile and uninteresting. Create a space that generates a sense of calm or inspires your senses to get you in the right headspace for whatever it is that you need to focus on. The best office design is the one that works for you. Here are some tips and ideas to create the perfect home office space from our Head of Creative, Kelly Collins. These work spaces can be anywhere in the house, not just a study, so think creatively and share your ideas with us on social.

The botanical mid-century vibe

velvet green living rooms

Clockwise from sofa right: Sofa - Swyft 2 seater Velvet Vine, plants – Patch, Rug - French Connection, Desk - Etsy MujuFurniture UK, Desk Chair - Esty WestEstShop, Prints – Desenio, Paint- Little Green Clay Pale, Ceiling pendents - Trouva

  1. Create the on-trend mid-century feel by using a wooden desk with tapered legs and retro leather desk chair.
  2. Add a bit of flair with poster prints, pendant lighting and patterned rugs.
  3. Introducing pants to your office space can reduce stress and improve the sense of wellbeing. Plants provide added benefits such as reducing stress, increasing productivity and filtering the air.*
  4. You can carry on the botanical design with accessories and art work. We have done this with natural rattan lamp shades and grass reed prints in the design board above.

The bold, inspiring nook

bold living room
bold living room style

Clockwise from sofa right: Sofa - Swyft 3 seater Brick, Rug - French Connection, Chair - Huh Store, Desk - Vintage/ reclaimed item - Etsy (HujuFurnitureUK), Desk Lamp – Trouva, Art - Modern Art Hire, Paint - Little Greene Blush, Ceiling Light - Trouva

  1. For a productive and inspiring workspace, it's important to choose a paint colour that will keep you feeling motivated. Reds and dark pinks stimulate excitement and get the blood pumping.
  2. Mixing similar hues like we have in the design board (Brick sofa, Light Blush walls) gives an elevated interior design look at a fraction of the price of hiring a designer. Don't be afraid to drop a contrast colour into the mix, which will add personality and more interest to the space.
  3. Art work can also inspire the mind. If an original work is out of your price range, try an online poster vendor or create your own(!) to make the space feel even more personal.

The modern zen space

minimalist office design
minimalist office design

Clockwise from armchair left: Sofa - Swyft Armchair Pumice, Art - Modern Art Hire, Ceiling Pendent - Etsy (Spuntniklights), Desk lamp - Zara Home, Desk - Wayfair, Desk chair - Huh Store, Rug - Cox & Cox, Paint - little Green Rectory White

  1. Simple clean lines, no clutter, and mixed textures create an elevated and serene vibe.
  2. Keep the design simple, and clean. Mixing neutral colours and textures will add interest but not overwhelm the space.
  3. De-clutter. Channel Marie Kondo and keep your working space organised and your desk as clear as possible. You can do this by using desk organisers which can add interest and varied height levels to the space, making it more dynamic.
  4. Use lighting to create a calming atmosphere. A desk lamp is key for a working space and can be both functional and beautiful. If you are working into the evening, ensure that the room is light enough so that your eyes don’t get strained from the bright screen. To enhance the feeling of wellbeing in the space, light some candles to reduce stress levels.

The future of work may be changed forever so don’t just think of your home work space as temporary. Many businesses will incorporate WFH or remote working into their business as usual going forward. Why pay for a WeWork or similar, when you can create a bespoke space that’s tailored to your personal needs and style?

Kelly’s top office styling tips:

1) Pick the right spot

  • If you don’t have a spare room, think about rooms that have a little bit of extra space or can be transformed into a dual purpose area.
  • Choose a corner of the living room or dining room or a bedroom. The most important thing is that you have a desk and an ergonomic office chair.
  • Desks can also be hidden behind sofas or tucked away in a vintage secretaire.

2) Colours

    • Choose colours that give you energy or calm, depending on what gives you the greatest sense of wellbeing. Warm colours such as reds, pinks and oranges give you energy, while cool colours such as blues, greens and greys keep you grounded and calm.

      3) Lighting

          • Make use of any natural light by positioning your desk as close to a window as possible.
          • Table lamps that are functional and beautiful are key to any working environment.

          4) Art and decoration

            • Art can inspire. There’s now an amazing online selection of original and vintage art posters. Or make it personal by creating your own paintings or photography or browse Swyft's collection of exclusive modern art prints.
            • Cork boards are a low cost way to create your own inspiration and mood in a contained space.

            5) Organisation and storage

              • Tidy space, tidy mind. Keeping your space clutter-free will help you focus. By adding filing trays, pots, baskets, storage ottomans. you can add interest, while staying organised.

              6) Plants

                • Not just a great styling props, plants also offer health benefits from purifying the air to reducing stress and blood pressure.

                We’d love to see what you come up with so please share WFH tips and interior design ideas with us on social media using #swyfthome.

                * Making Moves London: A number of studies have shown that incorporating plants into workplace design can also have a positive effect on perceived productivity. The 2015 Human Spaces report, which studied 7,600 offices workers in 16 countries, found that nearly two-thirds (58%) of workers have no live plants in their workspaces. Those whose environments incorporated natural elements reported a 15% higher wellbeing score and a 6% higher productivity score than employees whose offices didn’t include such elements.

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