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How To Choose The Best Dog Bed For Your Dog?

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Ed Hawes
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After a long walk or a long stint playing fetch, our dogs deserve a place to call their own to sleep and unwind. But with a vast range of dog beds and dog sofas, how do you pick the best one?

Why does my dog need a special dog bed?

Just like us, dogs need a comfy, supportive place to sleep. A good dog bed not only provides comfort but also keeps their joints healthy, and can help with temperature regulation.

What makes a good dog bed?

Good support: The best dog beds offer firm support. Memory foam has become a popular choice in recent years, in particular, it helps older dogs that have arthritis.

Fabric durability: Dogs love to scratch, chew, and dig, especially younger pups. That’s why you should look for heavy-duty fabrics that can hold up against a dog’s playful nature. 

Stain-resistant and easy-clean fabrics: Dogs are messy, especially those living in rural dwellings. That's why dog beds with washable, removable covers or stain-resistant and easy-clean fabrics should be a high consideration when researching which type of dog bed is right for your pup.

Choose the correct size: Whether it’s a Sausage Dog, a Chow Chow, or a Golden Retriever, you should measure up your space and make sure you choose the right-sized dog bed for your dog. 

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What is the difference between a dog sofa and a dog bed?

Dog sofas are a premium version of a dog bed. Dog sofas come with raised edges and, or a backrest – creating a comfy and cosy area for your dog to rest. If your dog enjoys resting their head on a cushion, a dog sofa could be the answer. Swyft’s dog sofa comes with two bolster cushions, sits on a wooden plinth, and has arms and a backrest. The design mirrors that of the Model 02 mid-century sofa. As mentioned above, a dog bed or a dog sofa needs to follow some simple principles: comfort, durability, and safety.

What are Pet-Friendly Fabrics? 

Pet-friendly fabrics are stain-resistant easy to clean, and durable. A fabric that is perfect for a dog sofa is one that is scratch-resistant and doesn’t snag or become loose easily, especially if you have a young dog who’s prone to chewing and scratching. Fabrics to consider are listed below: 

  • Microfiber: Swyft dog beds and sofas are available in a range of microfibre velvets and linens, that are stain-resistant, soft, and durable. 
  • Faux leather: Faux leather is a great option due to its durability and easy-clean maintenance. It also creates a more luxurious aesthetic. However, it might be cold-to-touch during the winter months.  
  • Canvas: Canvas is a tough and durable fabric, which is great for outdoor dog beds. 
  • Denim: Denim is not an obvious choice, but it’s a fabric that’s hard-wearing and can hold up against most things. 

What are the best fabrics for dog beds?

If you’re going to buy a dog bed or invest in a beautiful dog sofa, you want to guarantee it holds up against the test of time. We’ve touched upon pet-friendly fabrics above, but here’s more detail: 

Microfiber: When it comes to dog beds or dog sofas, microfibre is the best choice. Here's why:
  • Microfiber absorbs liquids and quickly removes moisture.
  • It’s a soft fabric, which is perfect for your dog to sleep and rest.
  • As mentioned above, it’s incredibly durable and can stand up to scratches, chews, and bouts of playful nature. 
  • It’s a stain-resistant material, designed to not hold onto or absorb any accidental spills. 
Canvas: Canvas is a fabric for an outdoor, rural dog, or for one who loves to relax in nature. 
  • Canvas is a fabric that is tough and holds up well against scratches and rough play.
  • It’s weather-resistant, which means that the material fights against water and mildew - and everything else that comes with the outdoors. 
Denim: Believe it or not, denim is not just for jeans. It's a durable choice for a dog bed or dog sofa.
    • Denim can withstand daily wear and tear when used as jeans. It’s an incredibly durable fabric that can surely make them robust enough for our pet’s dog bed.
    • Can it also be classed as stylish or trendy? We will let you decide. 
    Faux Leather: For the more luxurious of pups, faux leather offers the same look and feel as leather, but without the challenges.
      • Faux leather is easy to clean, which means you can wipe spillages or stains off the fabric.
      • Just like real leather, it’s scratch-resistant – perfect for young dogs who like to chew and play
      • Faux leather also provides a sophisticated look and feel that will work in most interiors. 
      Cotton: Just like cotton sofas, cotton dog beds are comfortable, reliable, and will work perfectly with your dog. 
        • Cotton has natural breathability qualities that will keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. 
        • It’s a fabric that’s hypoallergenic, ideal for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies
        • Cotton is also versatile, so it can work with many styles and interiors. 

        When researching pet-friendly fabrics, you should also think about:

        • How does your dog behave? If they scratch, dig, or chew then opt for more durable fabrics like canvas or denim.
        • If you want a low-maintenance fabric then consider faux leather or microfiber. 
        • For dogs with allergies, hypoallergenic fabrics like cotton.
        • Aesthetics: Of course, we want our pet’s space to blend seamlessly with our home decor. Choose a fabric that compliments your home's style.

        When choosing the fabric for your dog's bed or dog sofa it should be about durability, comfort, and longevity. By giving a little thought to the fabric used on your chosen dog bed, you're investing in a dog bed that will stand the test of time and will put your dog’s comfort first. 

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        How often should I replace my dog’s bed? 

        It’s simple: if the dog bed stops being supportive or the fabric becomes torn, worn or threads become loose and the mattress underneath is showing. A dog bed or dog sofa could last from one to three years, depending on the quality of the fabric and mattress and how often it’s used. As long as the mattress isn’t exposed, there is no sagging in the cushions and the dog bed doesn’t smell, it’s all good.

        Choosing the best dog bed or dog sofa can be overwhelming. There are thousands of options; from cheap to luxurious, stain-resistant fabrics to hard-wearing fabrics, but at the end of the day, it’s your dog’s space, so their comfort and support should take priority.
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