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How do I find my own interior style?

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Marco Goncalves
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We get it- figuring out your own interior style is hard. In the age of social media, endless scrolling to identify the specific look and feel you want for your space can be pretty daunting. 

Some of the most common messages we get here at Swyft are “Will this sofa go with my style?” or “Can you help me decide which colour to go for?”. This stems to more than just furniture, however. It’s about making sure you’ve narrowed down an overall design that feels right for you.

Model 02 in velvet teal

Can you do interior design on your own?

Absolutely. In this post we’re breaking down some quick steps you can do at home, to help figure out your interior preferences. We can’t promise you’ll be a professional interior designer by the end, but we’re pretty confident you’ll have a clear vision to run with. 

How do I decide my house style?

Starting with a blank page isn’t always a great idea. As a starting point, jot down a couple of your favourite places. This could be somewhere you’ve travelled to, or somewhere local, such as: 

  • A different country, a resort, or somewhere you plan to holiday to 

  • A restaurant, coffee shop or another hang-out spot 

  • A friend or family member’s house 

When thinking about these places, consider why you visit them. Asking yourself what sort of emotions and feelings are associated with these places will help you get to the bottom of the type of environment you should create for yourself at home. For example: 

A local coffee shop/bar: creativity, warmth, friendly, spacious.

decor home


Where else can I look for home inspiration?

Bringing the focus back home, next, take a look at what’s in your wardrobe. No, we’re not suggesting a total Netflix Queer Eye style makeover (as much fun as that would be). This is about noticing what colours, patterns and textures you tend to gravitate towards. What styles you go for can actually help in building that picture for your interior choices.

Bringing the focus back home

Take note of any recurring themes in your most-loved outfits. Are you a minimalist with a neutral, capsule-style wardrobe? Or do you reach for eclectic, thrifted outfits first? Perhaps you’re big into florals or bold patterns? 


Contemporary VS Traditional

Keeping it simple, there are two clear avenues to go down when it comes to decorating your home- contemporary or traditional.

Contemporary interior design is modern. Think sleek furniture, clear and clutter-free surfaces, and a minimalistic, uncomplicated feel.

interior design

Traditional interior design is characterised by detail. Think ornate patterns, heavier fabrics, original features and a luxe feel.

traditional interior design

Using social to find your interior style

Saving posts and creating mood boards on social media platforms is a great way to slowly figure out your own personal interior preferences. On Pinterest, create boards in a way that works for you, pinning ideas you like the look of. On Instagram, save interior photos and videos into named folders. 

mood boards


Once you’ve got the hang of this, review your socials regularly to pick up on any common themes you’ve gravitated towards. It might be that a lot of your living room inspiration has velvet sofas, or your bathroom inspiration always has subway-style tiles. Notice these patterns, and you’re sorted.

Final thoughts

Remember that the creative process of figuring out your ideal home style should be a fun one. There’s no right or wrong way of doing things, and you don’t have to stick to one particular label. Building the confidence to make decisions about the way you decorate your place is key. You’ll know you’ve found your groove when your environment and vision for it makes you feel great.


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