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Guest bed ideas and tips for small spaces

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Samuel Hurley
Guest bed ideas and tips for small spaces

Now that we are finally allowed guests in our homes again, many of us are shopping for new beds for them to rest their weary heads on long overdue visits. But how do we decide on the best spare bed for our overnighters? It’s an especially big consideration if space is an issue, but don’t fear because you don’t need extra bedrooms to have extra sleeping spaces – so there’s no need to go planning that home extension just yet. 

So how do you choose a guest bed? We’ve come up with this handy list of spare beds ideas, whatever your needs. Happy slumber time.

Sofa beds

Best for: Comfort and style 

If you don’t have a spare bedroom – a luxury unafforded to many of us, after all – a sofa bed is the most obvious option for overnight guests in need of a decent night’s kip (we don’t think Grandma will be too thrilled with a camping mat, after all). Sofa beds commonly have a metal folding frame and a spring mattress, plus they couple up as a regular sofa and a key part of your living room design  – and we all love a multi-tasking piece of furniture, especially if it’s comfy and stylish to boot. Win Win. 

The Swyft range of  contemporary multi-functional fabric sofa beds certainly don’t compromise on style – in fact, while many sofa beds kinda look like a sofa bed, Swyft models are every bit a modern, statement piece of furniture, and are a comfy place to relax as well as the best spare bed solution. They are also delivered flat-packed within 24 hours, so no need to panic yourself over any last-minute guest arrivals. 

Click-clack bed

Best for: Budget buys 

Another multi-tasker option is a ‘click-clack’ bed, so-called for the sound they make when they are pulled into a flat position when you yourself need to be horizontal too. They also double-up as a sofa, but they aren’t generally quite as comfy or pleasing from an interior design point of view. But, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and you can easily snap up a click-clack sofa bed for a couple of hundred quid.  

Folding sofa chair bed

Best for: Space saving and comfort  

A good compact guest bed solution for smaller living rooms is to opt for a sofa chair bed, futon style, which is perfect for solo overnight guests. These range in price to suit all budgets, from basic camp bed style beds (great for older kids who don’t want to share their beds on sleepovers to have in their bedrooms), to more aesthetically pleasing designs that would be a credit to any contemporary living room.  

Hideaway beds - and truckle style

Best for: kids  

If you’ve got young kids who are partial to having their pals around for sleepovers, as well as stocking up for the all-important midnight feasts (re-setting the clock so that midnight is actually at 9 pm – we’ve all done it), you’ll need somewhere for them to sleep off the sugary snacks. 

Hideaway beds are perfect for children’s bedrooms, as they have an extra, truckle style bed underneath that wheels out for an extra sleeping space. They also work well as a compact guest bed solution if your spare bedroom is on the small side. And, if it’s a couple you’ve got staying the night, there’s always the option of buying one with legs under the second bed, so that it rises up to the same height as the main bed.  

Inflatable beds

Best for: flexibility  

If your spare bed is in demand in a variety of rooms around the house, an inflatable blow-up guest bed could be your solution. They might not look especially stylish, but that doesn’t matter for the purpose, as they can be neatly packed away in a storage cupboard or loft between uses. There’s also the option of getting one that doubles up as an inflatable sofa, if you need extra seating for guests (thinking of Christmas here). Most come with pumps that inflate them in seconds these days, so no need for the manual labour of the foot pump when it’s late, you’re tired and you don’t particularly want a mini-workout just before midnight. They won’t cost the earth, either.  

Bed in a bag

Best for: space-saving  

If you don’t even have much stowaway space, never mind room for furniture, a bed in a bag is the kit for you. Self-inflating camping mattresses have come a long way these days, and, while they may look on the thin side, they’re surprisingly comfy. Perfect for the kids to make believe they’re camping, without the risk of any dodgy weather ruining the experience. Either roll-up mattresses or alternatively, a folding z bed, both pack away neatly and are a brilliant spare bed storage solution.  

And if you’re hankering after an Insta-worthy sofa bed, you’ll need to be thinking about how to dress your spare bed when it comes to duvets, pillows and cushions. Shop the whole range of Swyft sofa beds for your perfect guest bed and sofa all in one. Sleep well now.
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