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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Home Decor For Summer

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Emily Robinson
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Summer is just around the corner, and although the sun isn’t shining every day, it won’t be long until it’s time to open up the French doors, lounge outside on your rattan furniture, and soak up the sunshine. 

Whilst you might have an idea of how to get your garden summer-ready, the home interior can be slightly more challenging. In this blog, we look at five easy ways you can update your home decor for summer - and how you can extend the summer ambiance, from the patio to the porch.  

1. Add subtle colour.

Brighten up your home by introducing more colour. If you’re a lover of neutrals then this can be a little intimidating. 

Being considerate with your choices is a great starting point for making the summer interior transition. For example, upgrade your living room by adding wall art with subtle colour pops, and make a statement with bold-coloured cushions, or matching throws that compliment your big pieces of furniture. Our interior design expert, Kelly, has declared Pastel Clashes as one of the trends of the season: 

“Mixing pastel colours with pops of brighter tones can inject energy and vibrancy into your space while maintaining a soft and soothing ambiance. By incorporating a combination of muted pastels such as pale pink, baby blue, and soft mint with bold accents like vibrant coral, sunny yellow, or electric teal, you can create a visually striking yet balanced look.

2. Bring the outdoors, inside.

A simple way to give your space that summer glow is by bringing the outside, indoors. Invest in fresh floral arrangements and place them in vases; research easy-to-maintain house plants that will instantly give your space that summertime touch.

House plants also provide many health benefits by improving indoor air quality making your rooms feel cleaner, and boosting your mood.

3. Introduce Summer fragrances.

This might be an easy factor to neglect but go beyond focusing on your space’s aesthetics and create a full sensory experience; add summer-inspired candles, diffusers, or potpourris. Similar to wanting warm cosy scents during the colder months, you should invest in fragrances for the summer season. We recommend citrus fruit or coconut-based scents, but if that’s not your preference opt for floral fragrances infused with lavender or jasmine.

4. Change to lightweight fabrics.

Warmer weather calls for lighter fabrics throughout your home. Consider swapping out chunky knit blankets, that served you well through Winter and Autumn, for more lightweight linen throws. Remove any heavy drapes and replace them with sheer curtains to your windows – this will soften any harsh sunlight coming into your home and instantly make the space feel brighter and breezier. You might even want to change cushion covers to a linen, cotton, or seersucker fabric.   

5. Rearrange your furniture.

Before looking to invest in any new products for summer, why not try working with what you’ve already got? A simple rearrangement of your furniture can give it a whole new look and feel to your space.

If you like to watch your garden bloom, move your sofa to face opposite the windows. Or if you enjoy feeling the sunlight pour into the room, create a reading nook nestled in the corner. Remove any furniture or decor that might be blocking access to your windows; and hang mirrors strategically so that they accentuate the natural light.

Alternatively, another interior trend to try this Spring/Summer is Upcycling Furniture. Transform any old or dated furniture pieces and provide them with a fresh, updated look for Summer. Kelly says “Upcycling furniture and accessories isn't just a hobby – it's a lifestyle choice that promotes sustainability, creativity, and individuality. By breathing new life into old pieces, we not only reduce our environmental footprint but also add beauty and personality to our surroundings.”

How are you planning to update your home for sunny season? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Valerie Bullen 21/06/2024

We are desperate to see a Model 08 chair bed before we purchase. We want two and I’ve ordered the colour swatches.
However we cannot find out which store has one in stock. We live 50 miles south of London and are happy to travel but cannot get any personal response from the John Lewis partnership. Neither is there adequate information online.

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