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Why every modern home needs a modular sofa

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Ed Hawes
modular sofa in boucle fabric

The look, feel and functionality of a modern home is directly linked to our modern lifestyles. The  way we live has changed drastically over the years and, as a result, so has the way we use our homes. 

A modern home is often linked to open spaces, minimalist designs like Scandinavian Modern, and flexible spaces with multiple functions. But how is this linked to our lifestyles? For the most part there’s now a big focus on wellness with meditation spaces, gyms and wild gardens present in our spaces. Sustainability is now part of the societal consciousness, so the need to recycle, upcycle and use sustainable products is ever-increasing. Urban environments are becoming more populated, so innovative space saving solutions are a given for modern homes in urban areas. And, the increase in remote working and de-cluttering trends have had a big impact on how we use our homes.

With that in mind, we need the space in our homes to reflect our needs. We need open spaces, minimalist designs, multi-function rooms and clever space saving furniture. And that’s where the modular sofa comes in. A modular sofa is a sofa that’s the epitome of modern living and is perfect for the modern home.     

What is the purpose of a modular sofa?

linen grey modular sofa

Modular sofas cater perfectly for a variety of needs, styles and designs. They give the freedom to build a sofa that fits the needs and size of your room. With a limitless number of designs, a modular sofa can be paired seamlessly with any modern home. 

The purpose of a modular sofa is to give you the flexibility you need in your home by allowing you to configure your space. All done without compromising on comfort.   

Below we highlight why modular sofas are what every modern home needs:

  1. Flexibility 
  2. Easy to transport 
  3. Long term cost value 
  4. Sustainability 
  5. Style versatility and functionality 
  6. Comfort

It provides flexibility with clever configurations

One of modular sofas’ biggest benefits for a modern home is its flexibility and putting together the configurations. A modular sofa is made up of different modules which means it can easily be moved into different positions around the house and configured into shapes. 

Depending on the size of a room the possibilities with a modular sofa are endless. From a simple 3 seater or 4 seater to an L-shaped sofa; a U-shaped configuration or  2 seaters placed opposite each other. An armchair paired with a 3 seater is another option, or a cosy sofa turned bed where the modules face inward to create the ultimate movie night. You can also start small and add modules later. 

The freedom to configure your sofa allows you to change the space depending on the occasion. For example, for small gatherings turn a 4 seater into two 2 seaters that face each other. For a large gathering or film night create a large U-shaped sofa. To curl up on the sofa with a loved one, turn a 3 seater into a two seater. The possibilities with a modular sofa really are endless. 

Can move and transport easier

Many furniture buyers are renters – and renters don’t necessarily stay in one place. Being able to move your furniture easily is part of modern living. That’s why all of Swyft’s modular sofas can be taken apart with no tools and easily put into boxes, storage, cars or removal vans. Modular sofas are quick to dismantle as they are to put together.  

Long term cost value 

Yes, modular sofas can be expensive – more so than a standard 2 or 3 seater sofa. If a sofa part is damaged, instead of replacing the entire sofa you can simply replace the part that is damaged. Swyft’s Model 06 arms and back are a simple slot and hold mechanism. 

Also, if a move is on the horizon and you’re thinking about scaling the size of your sofa up, this can be done easily by adding modules to your existing modular sofa. If scaling down, you can place a module in a different room and use it as an armchair, for example. 

This leads us Swyftly (couldn’t help it) onto sustainability.  

model 03 leather sofa

Modular sofas are sustainable 

If buying sustainably is at the front of your mind, then a modular sofa is a good option to consider. As mentioned above, if damage occurs or wear and tear, you can replace the module instead of the entire sofa, which reduces waste. The same if/ when moving house and you need to scale up or down. 

When buying a modular sofa, at Swyft, we offer a collection of fabrics  that are recycled: Eco-Velvet, Cotton and Wool all come from recycled materials and plastic bottles. Fun fact: if you were to buy our Model 04 sofa bed (not a modular) in Eco-Velvet, the fabric used to male one sofa bed comes from 300 plastic bottles.  

Style versatility and room dividers

Modular sofas come in a large variety of styles that fit the modern home aesthetic. They cater for open spaces and multi-functional rooms. A modular sofa can act as a physical border between spaces – for example, an open plan kitchen, living room. With the modular sofa’s back facing towards the kitchen, it creates a border between the kitchen and living space. 

A modular could also be split into different configurations, shapes and broken into armchairs and sofas.


Last, but certainly not least, comfort. Modular sofas have been designed to offer unrivalled comfort. They are (mostly) deep with large cushioning that is made from either foam, fibre, feather, or a hybrid.  

model 06 modular sofa red

Swyft’s Model 06 comes with large cushions with a high back and arms, following a more timeless style. Whereas the Model 03 has a minimalist design with straight, clean lines with a hybrid foam fibre mix which provides excellent bounce back qualities. Also, a 3 seater modular sofa is often larger than its standard counterpart, meaning you can sink-into it.

Swyft’s modular sofa collection is available in two designs across 55 fabrics, so there’s a style and design for every home and colour palette.
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