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Why a Coffee Table with Drawers is a Must-Have

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Ed Hawes
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A coffee table with drawers is a must-have in your living room because it blends functionality and style, and is a space-saving storage solution. It can enhance the room’s interior style whilst acting as a convenient furniture piece that works perfectly for modern-day living. Below we have outlined why a coffee table with drawers is a must-have furniture piece for your living room. 

A versatile coffee table  

Coffee tables with drawers are one of the interior’s most versatile pieces of furniture. A coffee table is usually a place to store mugs of coffee when watching TV or socialising; they are decorative yet functional. A coffee table with drawers, however, means its surface can be kept as decorative while its drawers can be used as storage, to hide away items that you don’t want to be on display all the time. 

It's a storage solution

A coffee table with drawers is a convenient storage solution that allows you to organise the living room more effectively. The drawer aspect means you can store items like magazines, remote controls, coasters, snacks, and other miscellaneous items, ensuring the surface of the coffee table is free from clutter and makes the living room tidy. 

A coffee table with drawers is the perfect storage solution for any living room. They come in a versatile range of styles to suit most interior designs.   

A coffee table with enhanced functionality 

When space is limited, a coffee table with drawers is the perfect piece of furniture. It offers small spaces a storage solution with enhanced functionality. A coffee table with drawers reduces the need for extra furniture which helps create a living room that is less cluttered with more floor space. It’s ideal for those with a minimalist interior design, where every furniture item needs to have a functional aspect.  

A customisable furniture item  

Coffee tables with drawers often come with an array of customization options. From choosing the number of drawers and picking the type of material (wood, metal, glass, plastic), to customising the handle style and finish used on the table surface, there are plenty of customisations that can be made to ensure the coffee table with drawers matches the interior style you want to create.  

A coffee table offering durability and longevity 

A coffee table with drawers is often made with durability and longevity in mind. A combination of wood and metal is the most popular material used when designing a coffee table. Both are sturdy materials and add structural integrity to the drawers, which guarantees the coffee table remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. 

It’s a convenient furniture item

Without a doubt, a coffee table with drawers is a convenient furniture item to own. The drawer aspect provides easy access to items that are used in the living room frequently. It also provides a place where you can hide miscellaneous objects, which as a result means you know where they are. 

How many drawers should my coffee table have?

Generally speaking, a coffee table with drawers usually features one to four drawers. A coffee table with one drawer is usually more design-led with a streamlined approach. Whereas, a coffee table with four drawers will have a larger focus on functionality.

The number of drawers you should have on a coffee table varies hugely on many factors. Think about what your storage needs are, the availability of space, and your living room layout. This will dictate the size of the table and therefore the number of drawers you can have. 

There is no set rule, but there are a few considerations to make: storage requirements, the table size, the room’s design and aesthetics, how often will you use the drawers and how accessible you need to drawers to be, and whether there are any space limitations. Also, think about symmetry, Is it important? If so, then choose a coffee table with an even number of drawers. If you want to create a focal point then an odd number of drawers might work better. 

How much weight can the drawers and table surface hold?

It’s difficult to put a definitive answer on the weight that a coffee table drawer and table surface can hold, but typically speaking it’s 7-11kg. However, it varies hugely on the size of the surface and drawers, the materials used to make the coffee table, its construction, and its design. Large coffee tables will distribute weight differently than smaller ones. Drawers with metal bearings will hold more weight than plastic or wooden slides. A wooden or metal surface will have fewer weight limitations than a glass surface, for example. Due to the amount of variables involved, it is advisable to check with the manufacturer. 

How do I maintain and clean the drawers and table? 

Maintaining and cleaning a coffee table with drawers should be part of your regular cleaning routine; regular care makes the coffee table last longer. 

For general maintenance, ensure you dust regularly with a dry cloth and clean any spills immediately. Use coasters and place-mats to avoid scratches from ornaments and drinks, and avoid direct sunlight. Vacuum the drawers, wipe them down with a damp cloth, and dry them before returning to the coffee table. For the table surface, make sure you use a specific material cleaning solution; a metal table requires a different cleaning liquid than a glass or stone coffee table, for example. 

You might want to undertake a deep clean now and then. When doing so, tighten the fittings and lubricate the runner with a silicone spray. If the table is wooden, treat it with wood oil to ensure it doesn’t dry out or crack.  

To summarise, a coffee table with drawers is a must-have furniture piece because it blends style and functionality perfectly. It acts as a storage solution whilst enchanting the interior style.

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