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19 cosy white living room ideas

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Ed Hawes
white living room

If you feel like your living room is missing a little cosiness for this time of year, choosing an all-white colour scheme is probably the last thing on your mind. However, white is actually one of the best paint colours for making a room look bigger, so it might be time to reconsider.

Those with families are quick to dismiss any room being too white, as it takes far too much time and effort to keep looking clean. But, we’ve rounded up all the best white living room ideas for young professionals, families, bachelors and small home dwellers. Whatever space or style you have, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 19 cosy living room ideas to inspire you:  

  1. Monochrome
  2. Panelling 
  3. Pillows on pillows 
  4. Rustic vibes 
  5. Mirrors 
  6. White or black floorboards 
  7. Add glam 
  8. Light the fire 
  9. Layering neutrals 
  10. Focus on view 
  11. Sofas 
  12. Quirky carpets 
  13. Warming textures 
  14. Bring in nature 
  15. Functional furniture 
  16. Gallery walls 
  17. White and grey 
  18. Baskets 
  19. Floating shelves 

Go all out with painting the room head to toe in white, or use softer neutrals and textures to create a cosy retreat that feels like you’re living on a cloud.

1. Monochrome

Since white is so great for making rooms look more spacious, it’s perfect for small spaces. And, if you really feel like you need some kind of contrast, check out these other ideal paint colours for small living rooms.

Monochrome is a timeless style that works perfectly in both large and small spaces. You may choose to paint a feature wall black while keeping the rest of the room white. Alternatively, create a stark contrast by using white walls with black furniture.

This style doesn’t have to be so maximalist, either. If your furniture and walls are already white, a few textured cushions, black gingham or pin-striped throws could do the trick.

2. Panelling


Panelling is a great way to add texture to a white living room. This style is hugely popular at the moment, and can really add warmth to an otherwise cold-feeling room. Using small pieces of MDF and a strong glue, you can create your own panelling designs for a feature wall. Or, create a border across the whole room with simple beading.

To add a warm touch, you could paint the panelling space in a complimentary neutral or off-white.

3. Pillows on pillows

You can’t have a cosy living room without an unnecessary amount of cushions. Our Model 3 sofa feels like an all-in-one chunky cushion, but there’s plenty of room for more pillows and throws.

Scatter cushions are a great way to add character and personality into an otherwise blank room. They’re also perfect for those in rented accommodation who can’t paint the walls but still want to show off their personal style.

If your living room is already white, with no option to change, scatter cushions in bold and bright styles is the perfect way to decorate your home.

4. Rustic vibes

Not all white interiors have to feel clinical and cold. Using distressed, chalk paint can create a softer tone that’s perfect for country cottages and cosy spaces.

There are plenty of places to buy shabby chic-style furniture, or you can add your own rustic twist to your current items by gently sanding away some of the paint around the edges. Chalk paint is particularly good for adding a vintage and rustic feel to furniture.

5. Mirror Mirror on the wall


In the evening, you may want your living room to look, and feel cosy. But if you’re in the house during the day, you also need the space to be bright and functional.

Mirrors are a great way to help reflect natural light through the room, as well as making the space look bigger.

For an elegant style, you may choose an oversized, framed mirror that leans against the wall. Alternatively, using a variety of smaller mirrors in different shapes to create a wall feature offers a quirky and contemporary style.

6. White or black floorboards

Depending on what type of flooring you have you may just find that painting the floorboards creates that perfect, relaxed style you’re looking for.

Painting the floorboards white can once again push light around the room - giving a spacious and airy feel. It also looks fresh and clean. Then, your furniture can do the talking: Choose a bold shade like our eclectic teal Model 02 sofa, or keep things neutral with the light grey or pumice shades.

On the other side of the spectrum, paint your floorboards black. This moody yet groovy alternative is perfect for making a really bold statement. As we already know, the dark wall trend creates a super cosy feel in the home, so why not take that extra step? Pair your newly painted floor with warm white rugs and textures, and settle down for a relaxing night.

7. Add some glam

Using glass, crystal and shiny metals is a great way to add a glamorous style to your living room. 

Small chandeliers and candelabras offer an elegant and luxurious style that provide a low light for the perfect cosy ambiance.

8. Light the fireside

The easiest way to make a snug looking living, is a cosy looking fireplace. 

Even if you’ve got a faux log-burning fire, you can still go all out with the fireplace accessories. Piling up small logs into a gap in the wall always looks cosy and rustic.

There are now plenty of electric units that look just as good as real log burners, so the aesthetic isn’t as far out of reach as you may think.

For those that can’t change up their current fire, or don’t have one to start with, you can still make sure the fireplace looks appealing with wood decor, flowers or even a small garland.

9. Layering neutrals

White living rooms don’t have to feel cold and stark. Using a variety of warmer whites or coordinating neutrals can certainly help maintain that minimalist style while still offering a cosy feel.

As mentioned above, you could paint panelling in a different neutral shade, or add a shaggy area rug.

On the sofa, mix up textures and neutral shades to create a space that’s ready for you to stumble into after a long day at work.

10. Focus on the view

For those lucky enough to live with a beautiful view, make this the focal point of the room. Keep the drapes light and loose around the windows to really frame the landscape.

If your apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows, keep the other walls white and allow the outside to take centre stage.

11. Showstopper sofas

Swyft sofas are available in a range of bold shades, making them perfect little showstoppers.

Rather than giving the walls all the glory with bright paints or papers, leave your sofa to create a striking contrast. Pair a white room with the Model 04 in Brick for a cool, urban style that’s super cosy.

12. Quirky carpets

Another out-there, white living room idea is quirky carpets. Carpets are a great way to add warmth, practicality and cosiness, but who’s to say they have to be plain?

With so many different types of carpet available now, you can really add your own style to every room of the house. Make a statement in the living by using a patterned carpet with plain furniture.

13. Warming textures

Warming textures like faux fur, chenille and wool are your go-to when it comes to cosy living room ideas.

Small faux fur rugs are great for layering on the sofa with other textured cushions, or laying underneath the sofa to keep feet snug and warm.

All our sofas are available in four sumptuous velvets (vine, teal, elephant and brick) so you’ve already got plenty of softness and sophistication to bring into the room.

14. Bring in nature

Adding greenery can totally transform the living room from season to season. Using small trees with fallen leaves can provide a Wintry aesthetic in the room that makes you want to curl up with a wooly blanket and a good book.

Then, in the Spring or Summer, your plants will come back to life, offering fresh greenery for the new season.

At Christmas time, add a fir green garland to the fireplace to create that cosy festive feeling.

15. Double duty furniture

Even if you’re looking for cosy white living room ideas, there will still be times where you want the lounge to look neat and tidy.

The best thing for this is double duty furniture; pieces that have more than one function. Our ottomans, for example, can be used as a footrest or chaise for the sofa, all while offering storage for cushions and blankets inside.

Similarly, sofas with storage drawers underneath can really help keep the place looking tidy, while also offering comfort and cosiness whenever you fancy.

16. Gallery walls

Gallery walls are great for adding colour and personality into a room without having to commit to a single wallpaper or paint colour. Instead, you can use a variety of photos, prints and posters for a cool conversation-starting wall feature.

These walls are perfect for anyone that is looking to add a homely feel to a white living room, as you can fill the wall with all your favorite family memories.

17. White and grey

Grey interiors are a massive trend that don’t seem to be going anywhere. But for those looking to balance things out a little, a grey and white color scheme could do the trick.

18. Basket bundles

Baskets are the practical storage solution that look just as good as other decorations in the room.

To create a cosy white living room, roll up a variety of throws into a bundle in a basket and stuff with extra cushions. Then, whenever you feel a chill, your favourite pieces are within arm’s reach.

Baskets are also handy for keeping the space tidy. If the kids decide to have a huge playing session on the rug just before guests arrive, throw everything into a basket and leave tidying up for another day.

19. Floating shelves

Floating white shelves on white walls can create a cool, relaxed and minimalist style. Decorate the shelving with white vases and ornaments, or take the opportunity to display your most colourful items.

Alternatively, built in storage looks just as good. There are plenty of homes built with alcoves on either side of the fireplace. Fill these in with built-in storage for the ideal movie night set up.

With 19 cosy white living room ideas, you’ve certainly got plenty to get your teeth into. See how cosy you can make your space, and shop our sofas for the perfect centrepiece.
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