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What’s the difference between corner sofas and chaise sofas?

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Ed Hawes
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When choosing the right piece of furniture for your home, it can often be a minefield. With many options out there, some might say ‘too many options’, it can be different to know what sofa or furniture item would work well in your home. 

Corner sofas and chaise sofas are two popular types of sofas that serve different purposes and come in a range of designs and styles. Here, we explore the differences between corner sofas and chaise sofas, so you’re well-equipped when it comes to deciding which type of sofa you will add to your home. 

What is a Corner Sofa? 

green corner sofa

Corner sofas are known for their versatility, and functionality and being perfect for those with limited space. Also known as L-shaped sofas or modular sofas, they are characterised by their shape, usually, an L-shape, which is ideal for a corner, makes perfect use of the space, and is a relaxing area. Below are the top features of a corner sofa

Configurations: A corner sofa will have a right-angled shape, which maximise the space to sit. In smaller rooms, it utilises the space for more seats, whereas in the larger rooms it creates a cosy area to relax. 

Flexibility: Modern corner sofas are often now classed as modular sofas, which provides you with the flexibility to create the space you want. Just like Swyft’s Model 06 or Model 03 sofas, you can choose how you want to coordinate the corner modules. 

Seating space: Corner sofas are great for social gatherings like movie nights and dinner parties because they offer a generous amount of space for seating. Depending on the size and configuration, a corner sofa will be able to host 4 to 10 people and more.  

What is a Chaise Sofa?

grey chaise sofa

Chaise sofas, also known as chaise longues or modular sofas with ottomans. They are known for their sophisticated design and create a different type of place to relax and unwind. Below are the most notable features of a chaise sofa

Chaise longue: The most notable and defining feature of a chaise sofa is the chaise longue extension a the end of the sofa. This part of the chaise sofa doesn’t have a backrest, which makes it perfect for solo relaxation.  

Comfort: Chaise sofas are built and designed, mostly, for one person. This allows you to fully lie down and relax, whilst enjoying a good book, film, or an afternoon nap. As the chaise sofa is made for this, comfort is at the forefront of the design process. 

Placement: The continuous seat aspect of the chaise sofa is its definitive feature. This feature means it’s not limited to a corner or any area in the home, creating a versatile place to relax that can be placed in any room in the house. The chaise sofa is often featured in the bedroom, the living room, or the hallway. 

What is the difference between a corner sofa and a chaise sofa?

green chaise and corner sofa

Since we’ve explained what corner sofas and chaise sofas are, it’s time to delve into the differences between the two types of sofas. This should help you understand which one is best suited to your home and needs. 

1. Optimising space and room layout

A corner sofa is designed for corner spaces, hence its name. Therefore, a corner sofa creates a place to relax in larger rooms. Although, equally perfect for more compact spaces. A chaise sofa is ideal for more open layouts because it doesn’t rely on corners. A chaise sofa is a versatile sofa option. 

2. Configurations 

Corner sofas offer a flexible seating arrangement due to its left and right-hand configurations. A  modular sofa with corner options will further create flexible seating configurations. A chaise sofa, on the other hand, provides a more focused seating option due to its long cushioned surface that has a chaise extension.

3. Comfort and Versatility 

Comfort is relative and down to personal preference, but when it comes to a corner sofa and a chaise sofa, there is one key difference. A corner sofa is made for social gatherings, with multiple people relaxing on the sofa at the same time. A chaise sofa, however, is usually made for one person to stretch out and relax within a larger arrangement. Both are versatile in their own right. 

4. Style and Look 

The corner sofa has a defined shape, which creates a structured and organised look and feels to a room. The chaise sofa, however, has often been regarded as a luxury furniture item. It has no dedicated place in a room, and no matter the room, it evokes a sense of relaxation and sophistication. 

See below, for more information about chaise sofas and corners sofas. 

What is the point of a chaise sofa?

A chaise sofa offers a comfortable seating area that allows you to stretch out and relax. It’s ideal for those with space limitations because it optimises seating perfectly. 

Is a sofa chaise a good idea?

Whether a sofa chaise is a good idea depends on your space's layout and if you need somewhere to relax. For example, a sofa chaise is a great option for those with limited space, and who want to maximise the seating area in the space they have. A sofa chaise works well in corners and where there’s no disruption to the room’s traffic flow. 

A sofa chaise can be used as extra seating, a place to relax, watch TV, and read – all of which make it a great versatile option. They come in a multitude of styles and designs which means they can match different interior styles and aesthetics. In short, a sofa chaise is a great idea, especially for those with limited space. 

What is a chaise on a corner sofa?

A chaise on a corner sofa is the extended section of a sofa. It’s an additional piece connected to the sofa that creates a lounge-style setup. Swyft’s chaise sofas and corner sofas feature ottomans as extensions that aren’t attached. 

What is the difference between a sofa and a chaise? 

Back to basics: a sofa is a furniture item designed with a number of seats. A sofa has arms, a backrest, and cushioned seating. From modular sofas to corner sofas, 2-seaters to 4-seaters, sofas come in various designs, styles, and comfort levels. Sofas are often the focal point of a living room and one of the main entertaining spaces in a home. 

A chaise is shortened from a chaise lounge, which means ‘long chair’ in French. Usually big enough only for one person stretched out, the chaise longue is designed for relaxing and reading. Built with a small backrest and arms that often don’t follow the sofa's length, the chaise longue is a shape built specifically to relax. A chaise is usually found in bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms, and was once seen as a luxurious item restricted to the upper class. 

In short, the difference between a sofa and a chaise is its purpose and design.

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