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A guide to buying a U-shaped sofa

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Antonio Wedral
A guide to buying a U-shaped sofa

The three-piece suite for the living room is a classic design, built around creating a conversation, entertaining and relaxation space with a multi-person sofa and two individual chairs. For decades it was the go-to living room design found in almost every home across the country. Then in the 60s and 70s a radical shift began to happen. People began to question why all living rooms had to look the same and started to experiment with different configurations of sofas and chairs. And it was then that the sectional sofa was born.

A sectional sofa is one that can be built to any size or shape using individual sections or segments. So, rather than just getting one three-person sofa, you can buy as many or few corner or seating sections as you like to create your own space. This had huge benefits in terms of practicality and versatility, creating living room spaces that really worked for the way different people live. And it wasn’t long before people began to realise that the U-shape was a natural fit for living rooms, especially those with more space to play with.

By using two corner sections, one left and one right (both of which are available in various styles within the Swyft range) and some straight seating sections, you can easily create a U-shaped sofa. But what does the U-shaped sofa really bring to your living room? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Benefits of a U-Shaped sofa

Greater flexibility in your seating area

This is perhaps one of the main advantages of U shaped sofas. The U-shape has the benefit of having three straight sides and two corners, which means not only is there plenty of room for sitting, but it also allows for various angles and orientations to lie and get all comfortable.

Versatility in your living space

As we have mentioned, the U-shape allows plenty of seating space which makes it a great option for entertaining, with sightlines to all your guests. The U-shape also means your sofa can double up as one, two or even three guest beds if people are staying over. As U-shaped sofas from the Swyft range are modular, it also means you can change around the configuration to suit your needs. So, if you want to remove one arm of the U and have a simple corner sofa, then you can do that easily too. That’s one of the main benefits of modular sofas – you decide how and where it goes together.

Great for big and small spaces

We mentioned above that U-shaped sofas work well in larger living areas, and this is certainly true. The U allows you to really expand your sofa into a larger living area, meaning it won’t look dwarfed even in really big spaces (which can happen with some normal three-seater sofas).

However, U-shaped sofas can also work for small rooms too. In fact, by using a sectional sofa, you can create a U-shape that maximizes the use of space even in a small living area. Sectional sofas create less dead space in your living room than stand-alone chairs and sofas, which means you can get more seating bang for your buck. Using our corner and chaise sofas you can adjust the lengths of the sides of the U to match your dimensions, creating an intimate and stylish seating area.

All about the flow

Flow is the way people move and interact with the space around them. The U-shaped seating design allows you to create an almost zonal seating area that can define a space in open plan living areas. The U-shape is particularly useful for creating flow in open plan spaces, with the U also creating a circular flow space that can be enhanced with a central coffee table. 

Who does a U-shaped sofa work for?

A U-shaped sofa can work well in a cinema or TV-watching space, allowing for more seating with a good viewing position for any media or screen in the room. U-shapes can also be a great way to create zones within a larger or open plan living area, in a natural way and without having to use other zonal features like bookshelves or rugs.

Check out our range of modular sofas today and create a U-shaped sofa that works for you.

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