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11 different types of sofa beds you need to know

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Antonio Wedral
types of sofa beds

Sofa beds come in all different shapes and sizes, but the thing we all really want to know is: how easy are they to use? 

From simply tugging on the seats to more complex setups, the different types of sofa bed have all different methods by which to set them up and get them ready for sleeping. It’s important to consider not only your needs, but the potential needs of anyone else who might be using your sofa bed when getting a new piece. 

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So, here’s the types of sofa bed explained just for you:

1. 2 seater sofa bed

Two seater sofa beds are perfect for people who are space-conscious. If you’re living in a shared flat or a studio, a two seater sofa bed can be a great way of saving space – if you’re sleeping alone, that is. Two seater sofa beds are also ideal for people who are looking for an extra bed to add to a bedroom or an office space you can let guests stay over in. Remember, they’re best for one, so if you want a comfortable sofa bed for two, read on.

2. 3 seater sofa bed

For those who are in need of a sofa bed that sleeps two or more, a three seater sofa bed is a great option. Better suited to living rooms than bedrooms thanks to their bigger size, three seater sofa beds can be used as primary beds (that’s the bed you go to sleep in every night). They are also much more cosy for multiple guests.

3. Click-clack sofa beds

Click-clack sofa beds aren’t just fun to say, they are also unique in the way they transform. First you’ll have to lift the under part of the sofa bed and tilt the entire bed back (so you’ll need plenty of room), then the structure lays flat and the mattress can be clicked into position. Since they can be assembled with one action, this type of sofa bed might be best for someone who finds it hard to go through the effort of lifting different parts of the bed up and down to get it ready for sleeping.

4. Foam fold-out sofa beds

Perhaps the easiest to assemble sofa beds, foam fold-out sofas are pretty much just a folded over section of mattress. You might have to compromise on comfort for ease, but it means that any guests won’t have trouble setting up and storing away their own beds.

5. Corner sofa bed

Corner sofa beds are some of the most popular manifestations of sofa beds. If you need to make use of your space efficiently, a corner sofa bed might just be right for you. Corner sofa beds offer more sleeping space and are normally L-shaped that can be converted into a large bed – best for people with lots of guests or if you’re a fan of a living room movie night-cum-sleepover.

6. Storage sofa bed

Make the most of your sofa bed! Storage sofa beds are more spacious and practical than other types of bed, plus you get storage.There are lots of different types of storage sofa beds, from pull-out futons to full-sized sofas with under-mattress storage. If you have less storage space or just less places to hide your stuff then a sofa bed with added storage is a great option.

7. A-frame sofa beds

Instead of folding out, A-frame sofa beds work by moving the back part, not the seating bit. The A-frame is the structure that supports the folded out version, which makes sure the bed is level – a very important aspect to getting a good nights’ sleep on a sofa bed.

8. Pull out and lift up

Using a sort of pulley system, a pull-out sofa bed does the obvious: it pulls out! The trolley rolls out from under the seats themselves and pushes them outwards and upwards. Easy to use, there’s not much to set up when it comes to pull out sofa beds, just add a nice duvet and you’re ready to catch 40 winks.

9. Three-fold roll out

Although the name might be misleadingly complicated, three-fold roll out sofa beds store the mattress under the cushions. Just remove the cushions and pull the mattress to make the bed pop out. The sofa bed itself has retractable legs which can improve comfort and stability (we still wouldn’t recommend jumping on it though).

10. 1-part metal action

On to the upper echelon of sofa beds, a one-part metal action sofa bed is usually made out of leather and is considered to be the upscale version of the humble sofa bed. The bed just needs a pull on the frame to start the process of unfolding and the mechanism takes care of everything else (even folding away the cushions!). If you can’t lift or pull a sofa bed on your own, this is one of the best ways to get some more sleeping space.

11. 3-part metal action

A little less sophisticated than its one-part counterpart, the three-part metal action sofa bed might save you some money but it does require a little more effort. The three-part metal action sofa bed first needs you to remove the cushions and then fold out the mattress. Probably among the best types of sofa bed for someone who is using their sofa bed everyday.

Our modern 3 seater sofa beds provide a comfortable night’s sleep for guests and can then turn back into a sofa in no time. If you’re just renting the studio for now, then they’re also great as a frequent sleeping solution. Our collection comes in a wide range of popular colours, from neutral light or dark greys to bolder blues, greens and oranges to suit your space. If you’re still unsure about which sofa bed is best for you, just check out our sofa bed buying guide.

We also deliver our sofa beds in 24 hours nationwide. So, if you order your sofa bed before 4pm today, you’ll receive it tomorrow! Our sofa beds will arrive in a series of boxes, meaning you won’t have to worry about it fitting through doors or up the stairs. And, they can be assembled in minutes too, with no specialist tools required.

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