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What’s The Perfect Distance Between TV and Sofa

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Ed Hawes
distance between tv and sofa

We’ve all been told that sitting too close to the TV will give us square eyes. Although that isn’t technically true, and TVs nowadays tend to be more on the rectangular side anyway, it’s still not good to sit too close. Not only will it strain your eyes, it can also distort the picture, wasting the potential of all that high definition. By sitting too far from the TV, the picture is a little too small and details become difficult to see.

So we know not to sit too close to the TV, or too far, but what is the optimal distance between the two for the best viewing experience? We’ve got all the answers for you.

The Ideal Distance From TV to Sofa

Living room

After rearranging your furniture and setting up your gorgeous new Swyft sofas, you’re now left with the age-old dilemma of where to put your TV. Generally speaking, you should place your TV around double the distance of the screen size away from your sofa. This sounds a bit confusing but it’s quite simple. If you have a 60-inch TV, your sofa should be placed double the distance away - so 120 inches, or about 3 metres.

You can also flip this equation to work out what size TV would best fit your living room. Take the distance between where your sofa is and where you want your TV to go and divide it in half. A space of two metres is about 80 inches, so a 40-inch TV would be ideal.

The formulas:

  • Your TV screen size x 2 = The optimal distance between your TV and sofa.
  • Your space measurement / 2 = The best TV size to fit your space.
Tv and sofa

Making sure your sofa is the optimal distance from your TV will make sure the image is clear and also means you won’t have to keep turning your head when watching your favourite films and TV shows.

How To Arrange Your Living Room

When it comes to living rooms, we like to think we know a thing or two about the best way to arrange furniture. From open plan rooms that allow a lot of mingling, to intimate arrangements to encourage socialising and everything in between, the way you lay out your lounge can have a big impact on how you use the space. But what does this mean for your TV?

Modular green velvet sofa

Ideally, your TV should be as parallel to your sofa as possible to get the best image but can be off by about 15° without resulting in a warped image. You might want to consider investing in a wall mount, or TV arm to help with viewing or floor space issues that may interfere with the image. A corner sofa might be a good option to help give your family and friends a good view from all angles as well.

Whether you enjoy intimate movie screenings with your friends, or like catching the latest blockbusters in high definition, making sure you’ve got the right distance between your TV and couch is important. Make your mum proud by catching every special effect and every detail without straining your eyes. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to arrange your living room furniture as well as Swyft’s range of comfortable fabric sofas to complete your living room.
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