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The Most Searched-For Celebrity Homes 2021

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Ed Hawes
The Most Searched-For Celebrity Homes 2021

Sometimes we all need a bit of fresh inspiration for our home interiors. And there’s often no better place to look for inspo than the homes of your favourite Hollywood star or TV legend.

But, which celebrity house is the British public most curious about? Swyft has investigated search data to compile a list of the most searched-for celebrity homes in 2021.

  1. Holly Willoughby - 9,900 searches
  2. Tom Cruise - 9,900 searches
  3. Kim Kardashian - 8,100 searches
  4. Kylie Jenner - 6,600 searches
  5. Oprah Winfrey - 6,600 searches
  6. Will Smith - 4,400 searches
  7. John Travolta - 4,400 searches
  8. Kendall Jenner - 4,400 searches
  9. Ariana Grande - 4,400 searches
  10. Luisa Zissman - 4,400 searches
  11. Stacey Solomon - 4,400 searches
  12. Justin Bieber - 3,600 searches

Why is the Nation So Obsessed With Holly Willoughby’s Home?

Searches for ‘Holly Willoughby’s home’ started to increase in February 2021 and spiked in March - reaching 18.1k searches that month. Holly’s home recently became a hot topic when plans for an extension at her £3million pad allegedly caused rows with her neighbours.

While ITV’s darling and co-host of This Morning is a huge source of fashion inspiration, her home designs are a bit of a mystery as she has never done a home tour or revealed any of the rooms in her house entirely.

But, there are lots of articles across the web that try and piece together various Instagram posts and stories Holly has taken in her home to get the best possible picture of her South West London pad. Over lockdown, she did participate in a few televised Zoom calls from home - which gave us all another sneak peek of her interiors and triggered viewers’ curiosity over her home setup. It seems we’re all just as intrigued as each other about Holly’s fabulous home!

Occasionally we are blessed with some snaps inside the Willoughby home. On May 9th 2021, Holly shared a photo of her bath - but this was quickly removed after fans commented that they could see her reflection in the taps. On February 11th, Holly shared a rare photo that gave a glimpse of her bedroom dressing area on Instagram. And, from other Instagram posts, it has been deduced that Holly's lounge has parquet flooring and is furnished with a plush grey sofa and matching ottoman, wicker garden furniture and Emma Bridgewater polka-dot tableware. It looks like her house has a mostly neutral colour palette.

See a sneak peak of Holly's bathroom and dining table, taken from her personal Instagram page, below.


Tom Cruise’s High-Profile House Sale Makes News

Hollywood film star Tom Cruise has a very impressive property portfolio including homes in Beverly Hills and Clearwater Florida (the headquarters of The Church of Scientology). But, recently, the press has been obsessed with the sale of one particular property…

In early May, Tom Cruise's $39.5million Colorado ranch with ex Katie Holmes fetched the full asking price 2 months after being put on sale. This high-profile sale explains the sudden spike in searches around Tom Cruise’s home. Tom actually helped design much of the ranch himself and boasts a main house with 10,000 square feet of space. The house is famous for being the location of his last major interview with Oprah, a follow-up to their memorable 2005 talk during which Cruise jumped up and down on her couch while proclaiming his love for his then-wife Katie Holmes.

The ranch is where the actors spent much of their marriage together and shared the first photos of their daughter, Suri Cruise. The beautiful pictures of the ranch show its bleached cedar beams and floors, native stone ceilings and walls and Georgian windows.

@Businessinsider shared some pictures of the beautiful property- featured below.


Kim Kardashian’s House Tour Sparks Conversation

Kim Kardashian’s home, which she bought with Kanye West and still lives in currently according to reports (despite their recent divorce announcement) has sparked controversy ever since they revealed photos of it in 2019.

Together, the couple have an alleged portfolio of 12 properties in the States alone! The couple’s infamous minimalist design has long been a source of controversy online, with social media users often commenting how ‘empty’ and un-lived in it looks. The couple originally bought the LA property for $20 million and through their renovations, it’s now been reported by Kris Jenner to be worth an incredible $60 million.

Unsurprisingly, the whole house has a very neutral, mainly cream colour scheme - the only exception being North’s pink butterfly room. And, the family also has a separate kitchen for their private chefs to cook in which resembles an actual restaurant setup! One thing that took many by surprise is the fact that their home has not one, not two but NINE fridges. Kim took to Instagram to explain the reasons behind this and what they are all used for. She also gave a pantry tour which showed her pantry/fridge to be in impeccable order, albeit slightly empty.

Despite the divorce, Kim Kardashian will not be moving out of the $60 million mansion the couple shared in Hidden Hills. "Kim plans on staying at the Hidden Hills house with the kids. This is their home and Kim doesn't want to move right now at least," a source tells PEOPLE.

See a sneak preview of Kim's minimalist-dream bathroom below...


Most-Searched-For Celebrity Homes in the US

The most popular celebrity home searches vary slightly between countries. In the US, British TV stars Holly Willoughby, Luisa Zissman and Stacey Solomon are booted off the list while British superstar Harry Styles creeps into it.

The most-searched-for home in the US:

  1. Kim Kardashian - 33,100 searches
  2. Tom Cruise - 27,100 searches
  3. Kylie Jenner - 22,200 searches
  4. Kendall Jenner - 18,100 searches
  5. Justin Bieber - 14,800 searches
  6. John Travolta - 14,800 searches
  7. Arianna Grande - 12,100 searches
  8. Will Smith - 12,100 searches
  9. Marilyn Monroe - 12,100 searches
  10. Oprah Winfrey - 8,100 searches
  11. Harry Styles - 8,100 searches
  12. Katie Holmes - 8,100 searches

How Much Are the Most-Searched-For Celebrity Homes Worth?

With Kim Kardashian’s excessive nine fridges, John Travolta’s private runway and Oprah’s outstanding 42-acre California property, our favourite celebrity homes definitely don’t come cheap. Here’s how much they are reported to be worth:

  1. Oprah Winfrey - £70,675,000 ($100million)
  2. Kim Kardashian - £42,405,000 ($60million)
  3. Will Smith - £29,684,000 ($42million)
  4. Tom Cruise’s Colorado Ranch - £39.5million
  5. Kylie Jenner - £28,000,000 ($36million)
  6. Justin Bieber - £18,375,000 ($26million)
  7. Ariana Grande - £9,682,000 ($13.7million)
  8. John Travolta - £7,421,000 ($10.5million)
  9. Kendall Jenner - £6,078,000 ($8.6million)
  10. Harry Styles - £4,806,000 ($6.8million)
  11. Holly Willoughby - £3million
  12. Stacey Solomon - £1.2million

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